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For example, you can watch a DVD in the main zone, while others can listen to a CD in zone 2 at the same time. I am trying to get Zone 2 working on my Onkyo TX-NR626 receiver. The Zone 2 feature comes in two flavors: powered and line-out. I'll include a link to Amazon below with some multizone receiver options. Just got this amp, specifically because having checked this years 'Best Buys' (Sony STR-DN1080, Denon AVR-X2500 etc) and similar receivers, this one can accept Zone 2 speakers and can apparently output all input sources, including HDMI to zone 2. Select home theater receivers provide both powered and line-out options for Zone 2. When Zone 2 is activated, the receiver diverts the power generally sent to the sixth and seventh channels to the Zone 2 speaker connections. Using preamp outputs means you'll need a second receiver or amplifier for Zone 3. All my speakers are working perfectly, and have been for 5 years. In most cases, the same speaker terminals work for both the surround back channels and the Zone 2 function. Upgrade your entertainment system with this Sony 5.2 multichannel 4K HDR receiver. My Denon AVR-2309CI died and I need a replacement. Hint. – Select 7.2+1Zone to use 7.2 channels in the main zone and 2 channels in Zone 2. If provided on 7.1 channel receivers, you can't use a full 7.1 channel setup in the main room and the Zone 2 option at the same time. Using the Zone 2 option, a user can use separate speakers (or another amplifier/speaker combination) for dedicated stereo listening in the same room as their surround sound setup. Shopping for Multi-zone Receivers? If you want to take advantage of Zone 2, make sure the receiver you are considering offers that feature, and check what specific signal sources can travel to Zone 2. With the introduction of home theater receivers, which can power five or more channels simultaneously, the A/B speaker switch idea upgraded to a feature referred to as Zone 2. Our site is not optimized for your current browser. The user would switch over to Zone 2 when listening to music only for a CD player or other compatible Zone 2 source. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article. ; You can also adjust volume using MASTER VOLUME on the receiver while [2. xxxx (input name)] is shown on the display panel. If you have not connected an IR repeater, the main receiver will have to be operated in the room that it is located. Before home theater receivers and surround sound, stereo was the primary listening option for both music and movies. Since the main and Zone 2 setups are the same room, using both at the same time is not advisable. Next, set up the receiver for Zone 2 as follows: – Turn on your TV, then press the Settings button on the receiver’s remote. Please see the below chart on how the secondary zones operate in NAD receivers and processors. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order. Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1155 reviews Robert has written for, and made appearances on the YouTube series Home Theater Geeks. I am researching receivers which have a powered Zone 2 that can receive audio from a digital source over HDMI, and not a standard Composite AV input. Unable to exit the Zone 2 function on my A/V Receiver. For most receivers, turning on zone 2 simply uses the input that it was using when it was last powered off. Line out is simply a non-amplified audio signal, all of the pr… It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. For example, you can watch a Blu-ray disc or DVD movie with surround sound in the main room while someone else listens to a CD player, AM/FM radio, or another two-channel source in another room at the same time. The best of what Sony has to offer on iOS or Android. Spotify and Multi-Zone Amplifiers - Spotify to Zone 2 / 3 If you use any multi-zone receiver with Spotify Connect or Airplay, you are probably already frustrated with the fact that when you try and use Spotify or Airplay to the second or third zone only, the main zone switches across to Spotify or Airplay! Can a ZONE 2 component output an HD signal from an HDMI® source? You can also activate the zone you want using ZONE SELECT and ZONE POWER on the receiver. For example, many prefer serious music listening using different speakers (and a separate amplifier) than those used for a surround sound setup. Model: STRDN1080. This feature is more flexible than connecting additional speakers and placing them in another room, as with an A/B speaker switch. What Is a Power Amplifier and How Is It Used? Unable to select some of the inputs when using the Zone 2 function. This switch allows a stereo receiver to connect to an extra set of speakers placed in the back of the room for more room-filling sound or another room for convenient listening without setting up an additional system. 7.1 channel receivers that include line-out Zone 2 capability enable the use of the full 7.1 channel option in the main room while still operating a separate Zone 2 with external amplifiers. Main Results. Supports 5.2.4 and 7.2.2-Ch surround layouts for object-based soundtracks, or drive stereo speakers in zone 2 and zone 3 with a 5.2-Ch setup in the main room, or a 5.2.2-Ch layout with powered zone 2 Your Pioneer receiver can now be part of your existing Sonos Home Sound System, or the start of a new one. An additional audio system (for example, an amplifier) to output the sound in zone 2. For my particular receiver (and my previous one), I could instead use the “turn on” automation to set the zone 2 input to the FM tuner, for example, and the receiver would both turn on power to zone 2 … When Zone 2 is on, the primary zone system defaults to 5.1 channels. Would love to be able to program a Pico remote to turn on zone 2 and control volume so that I could just leave the remote out there and easily control music. The Zone 2 feature on a home theater receiver sends a second source signal to speakers or separate audio system in another room. The AirPlay® feature cannot be used in zone 2. Our Virginia-based experts love helping folks find the right gear. Connect your favorite media via Bluetooth, or use one of the built-in ports for plug-and-play convenience. On these receivers, preamp outputs are provided for all of the additional zones, which require separate amplifiers and speakers for each zone. Zone 2 capabilities are becoming a popular option on better quality Home Theater receivers. If a home theater receiver has a set of RCA audio outputs that are labeled Zone 2, you will have to connect an additional external amplifier to your home theater receiver to access this feature. When Zone 2 is on, the primary zone system defaults to 5.1 channels. – Select Power Amp Assign. What is the zone 2 feature and how to use it? Edit 2: It came back on the other day. One feature that most stereo receivers had (and most still have) is an A/B speaker switch. The zone 2 feature allows this receiver to send a second source signal to a separate audio system in another location. PLEASE NOTE: BluOS is a digital source and can not be routed to Zone 2. Another setup option you can try with Zone 2 is having separate surround sound and stereo setups in the same room, instead of a speaker system in another area. For example, you can watch a DVD in the main zone, while others can listen to a CD in zone 2 at the same time. Some high-end home theater receivers incorporate the ability to run both a Zone 2, Zone 3 or even a Zone 4. Even when the receiver is in standby mode, the amplifier in zone 2 remains on. Using the Chromecast built-in feature on your Soundbar or AV receiver, All Mobile, Tablets & Smart Devices products. Guide to Wireless Speakers For Home Theater, The Onkyo HT-S3800/HT-S7800 Home Theater-in-a-Box Systems, home theater receivers and surround sound, Zone 3, and in rare cases, a Zone 4 option. There is no sound through the 2ND ZONE speakers for the Audio/Video (A/V) receiver. On the other hand, some receivers provide separate speaker connections for both a 7.1 channel and Zone 2 setups. listen to a CD in the reading room while your kids watch Finding Nemo downstairs in the rec room). Sony news in your inbox. The 2309 only allowed analog audio input for Zone 2, fine when everything had analog out but not fine with Apple TV and Fire TV. Home Theater Receiver Connections Explained, How to Use Multichannel Analog Audio Connections in Home Theater, Home Audio Systems: A Guide for Beginners, The Yamaha A-S1100 Analog Stereo Integrated Amplifier, The Best Mid-Range Home Theater Receivers of 2020, How to Install and Set Up a Home Theater Receiver, DTS Virtual:X Surround Sound – Overhead Sound Without Speakers, 5.1 vs. 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receivers, Yamaha's R-N602 and R-N402 Stereo Receivers with MusicCast, Things About Home Theater You May Not Know. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Using the Main Zone and Zone 2 in the Same Room, Home Theater Receivers and the Multi-Zone Feature. Press one of the following buttons to select the source that you want to listen to: Adjust the volume on the amplifier in zone 2. SKU: 5761206. ; You can also select source signals you want to output using INPUT SELECTOR on the receiver while [2. xxxx (input name)] is shown on the display panel. Is there a way to turn on, control input and volume for zone 2 on a Denon Receiver with the built-in Driver? Every detail of a Denon audio product is crafted with a single goal in mind: to enhance the entertainment experience. When Zone 2 is activated, the receiver diverts the power generally sent to the sixth and seventh channels to the Zone 2 speaker connections. Hopefully it never turns on again! On the other hand, some receivers provide separate speaker connections for both a 7.1 channel and Zone 2 setups. Some receivers offer powered speaker outputs for Zone 2 and preamp or line-level outputs for Zone 3. Although an A/B speaker switch adds flexibility, you can only listen to the same source that is playing in the main room. You'll notice the speaker outs have a pair of "Zone 2" outputs used to power speakers in another room. To use this feature, you need: An onscreen display will appear. var smarthelp_ua ='SmartHelp_WebViewer');if(smarthelp_ua > -1){$('head').append('')}. Sony - 1155W 7.2-Ch. The Zone 2 feature adds flexibility by allowing you to send the same, or a separately connected, source from a home theater receiver to a speaker system or amplifier/speaker set up in the same or another room. (i.e. In other words, you can watch a movie in Zone 1 while sending radio or a CD to the remote speakers. I've plugged cables into the Zone 2 "L" + "R" connectors and connected the other end to a speaker. However, on select home theater receivers, the Zone 2 option may accommodate analog video with digital audio and streaming sources as well. IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Hi Team, Im looking for some help understanding receiver terms to help with a new receiver purchase. NOTE: The zone 2 feature is limited to a source using an analog audio connection. The zone 2 feature allows this receiver to send a second source signal to a separate audio system in another location. Adjustable surround sound and HD amplification let this Sony 5.2 multichannel 4K HDR receiver produce high-quality audio within your home theater environment. There are quite a few receivers on the market today with Zone 2 output capabilities, from Pioneer and other manufacturers. With Receivers offering Zone 2, the remote or onboard controls allow input selection, volume, and possibly other features designated for Zone 2. The answer is to hold the "Zone 2" button and "Setup" button at the same time until "Main" and "Zone 2" blink. Unlike an A/B speaker setup, Zone 2 provides control of the same or separate source from the one you're listening to in the main room. Some mid-range and high-end receivers also provide HDMI audio and video output for Zone 2 setup. with Dolby Atmos 4K Ultra HD HDR Compatible A/V Home Theater Receiver - Black. When you select either FM or AM, the last station you listen to will be heard. Some higher-end receivers may also include a  Zone 3, and in rare cases, a Zone 4 option for analog audio. Zone 2 audio can be a very useful feature for larger installations, but it does have some limitations over having a separate amp or receiver for the second zone. I use zone 2 on my outdoor patio. Unlike Onkyo, Pioneer provides little data about the Zone 2 capabilities of its receivers; you have to download the owner’s manual to find out what’s going on. Thanks to this feature, there’s no need to switch the speaker cables on the rear of the AV receiver. Electronics Denon AVR-X4400H Dolby Atmos 9.2 Network Bluetooth WiFi AirPlay 4K Ultra HD In-Command AV Receiver with … When Zone 2 is turned on, the two surround back channels in a 7.1-channel system will be redirected to the two speakers in Zone 2, while giving the Main Zone 5.1 channels of power. Basically i … The diagram below shows the zone 2 connection using this receiver in the main zone, and an amplifier and an IR repeater in zone 2: If you have connected an IR repeater, follow these steps using the supplied remote control to operate the receiver from zone 2: Follow these steps to exit the zone 2 operation: Repair information and service assistance, Keep track of all your products in one location, A place where you can find solutions and ask questions, CareersContact UsCompany InfoVoluntary Recall, SEL TERMS AND CONDITIONSSEL PRIVACY POLICYCA PRIVACY NOTICEDO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. Zone 2 gives you the option of playing from a different source to that second zone. 2. This disables Zone 2. An IR repeater (not supplied) to allow you to control this receiver in the main zone, from zone 2. Also, it reduces power going to all the speakers, as the amplifiers are powering four speakers, rather than two. I currently have a 5.1 audio setup and I've just bought some new speakers so I can set up a Zone 2. – Select the Speaker menu. Browse the top-ranked list of Zone 2 Receivers below along with associated reviews and opinions. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details. *1 For USA and Canadian models only *2 For other models. At least it does on the remote. This is a great option if you have an old receiver you'd like to put to good use. The Blu-ray disc or DVD player and CD player are connected to the same receiver but accessed and controlled separately with the same remote. To get the full experience on, please change your settings to allow JavaScript. Be among the first to get the latest What Does DTS Mean in Home Theater Audio? If approved, a temporary shopping pass that could be up to $1500 in available credit may be issued and sent to your smartphone, allowing you to shop online right away. NOTE: An IR repeater can be purchased from the Sony® Authorized dealers. Robert Silva has written about audio, video, and home theater topics since 1998. Turn on the receiver and play the source that you want to listen to in zone 2. The Zone 2 feature is usually limited to analog audio sources. Would like to have capability for digital audio source for Zone 2 but don't know what spec to look for. The added speakers then connect to that external amplifier. Hope that helps. A newer version of your browser may be available. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: Our site is not optimized for your current browser. Links to Products Discussed Above: After you have made the Zone 2 connection, set [SURROUND BACK/ZONE2 Priority] to [ZONE2 Terminals] in the [Speaker Settings] menu (for USA and Canadian models only).After you have made the Zone 2 connection, set [Surround Back Speaker Assign] to [Zone2] in the [Speaker Settings] menu (for other models only). Multi-room and multi-zone capable; 6-in/2-out HDMI Supports the latest Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X soundtracks 9.2ch AV Receiver for Custom Installation | STR-ZA5000ES Denon AVR-2313CI Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay and Powered Zone 2 (Discontinued by Manufacturer) 3.2 out of 5 stars 38. The Zone 2 line out allows you to use another amplifier for your second zone. If a home theater receiver has speaker terminals labeled "Zone 2," you can connect speakers directly to the receiver, and the receiver will power them.

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