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Like any speaker, it comes down to personal taste. Setup I was hoping that there would be better subwoofer equalizers available so I could use the HSU's and get a flat response, if they are out there I couldn't find them. This is often a trait of poorly designs found in your major chain electronic super stores. IF YOU WANT (QUALITY), DEEP, LOW, TIGHT, BASS, THIS IS THE ONE. Don't walk, but run to your nearest Revel dealer and give it a demo. It turns out that all manuals, test signals, target curves, and setup software can be downloaded from Revel's website, where they can be updated as often as needed. Both are very powerful subs but the Revel is easier to setup, is faster in terms of 'start/stop,' and less boomy.No detail was spared with respect to the Revel sub. The Revel is the first (in my opinion) to bridge the gap.Prior to the Revel, I auditioned REL, Velodyne, M&K, & the B&W ASW4000. I also have tested the thermal overload circuit and it definitely protects this unit from overhearing. Once he'd made all of the set-and-forget adjustments, Voecks played a digital file of uncorrelated pink noise (available from Revel's website) that he'd burned to a CD-R, and matched the output levels of the satellite speakers to the Rhythm2 using Audio Tools' SPL meter. I initially had some misgivings about 15" subs with reputations of "boominess" and not really suitable as "musical" subs. A truck with a lift gate arrived with two pallets: 417 lbs of Salon2 on one, 243 lbs of Rhythm2 on the other. I was in a quandary with the fact that I did not want to settle for a sub that was great for home theater but suffered from the dreaded overhang on music. LFO also manages the Rhythm2's PEQ to precisely adjust the main speakers' frequency response up to 300Hz, and "compensates for room-related regularities by applying a corresponding correction curve.". I also did not want to own two separate subs either, due to space and setup complexity. main speakers as well as the Vandersteen 2Wq, its maximum SPL output is 126 db compared to 105 db. Following the quick-start guide, I slid the sub into the room's right front corner, and the Salon2s into the spots usually occupied by my Quad ESL-989s. Subwoofers are usally designed to excel in either music or home theater applications, but rarely in both. And I could not detect any sign of the objectionable boominess I thought I was going to hear. Voecks then displayed the averaged FFT room-response data on my laptop in LFO, which showed the results from 10Hz to 4kHz. To take his measurements for optimization, Voecks used my Studio Six iTestMic, a cost-effective, professional-grade test and measurement microphone that plugs directly into my iPhone 4's 30-pin connector, and which John Atkinson also recommends. Then he used the app's FFT module to measure each speaker's acoustic output for one minute at each of five different locations grouped around the top of my listening chair. A quick look at the spec sheets told me 15" sub powered by built-in 1000W amp and crossovers selectable down to 30 Hz. Revel has the habit of producing award winning speakers and the F208 is no exception. I then set the sub's output level to –19dB, as suggested by the LFO manual. And I have yet to find a shortcoming with it. It's almost been two years since When there is bass it comes in quick and clean, when there is no bass there is no boominess, much better.If you have any problems with resonate modes in your room consider this sub. It also did not get quite as low as the REL.I borrowed a friend's Sunfire but the only thing nice I could say about this puppy was it got loud. I have tested literally hundereds of subwoofers and I still find this unit to be very compelling. I was pleased to notice that I would have to address "room rattle" issues which I also noticed in adjacent rooms. Audio Reviews, Equipment Reviews, Floorstanding Speaker Reviews, Subwoofer Reviews Published On: February 15, 2006 Revel F12 Speakers and Revel B10 Subwoofer Reviewed With hours of adjusting the equalizer and moving the speaker I was able to get almost flat response. The subwoofer in the review system is the Revel Performa3 Series B110 subwoofer. Revel Subwoofer reviews. improved soundstage).This experiment suggests to me that it will be well worth the effort to try to calibrate the sub for 2-channel mode and perhaps HT mode, (perhaps taking advantage of the parametric equalizers) for optimal integration with the rest of the room and audio system. Crossover was set at around 40 Hz as my mains already provide decent bass output (30hz-20Khz +/- 3dB ). Get all the expert product reviews on 2020 Revel Subwoofer models. Great with music or movies. Using three rubber isolation feet (w/o the spikes) has worked well in my environment. I use JM Labs Electra 905s, center and surrounds. I’ve been told on this forum that in a home cinema setup you shouldn’t bass boost, and it can override the subwoofer. Revel is rounding out their Ultima2 loudspeaker series with a new flagship subwoofer, the Rhythm2. Also, the crossover at 50 Hz was not low enough to allow good integration with my main speakers in 2-channel stereo. Wie bij ‘Amerikaans’ meteen denk aan doffere, baszware luidsprekers die ontworpen zijn om de vechtscenes uit Transformer-films op maximale volumeniveau weer te geven zit er in dit geval helemaal naast. My current thinking is I will not need to add a second sub any time soon (nor could I afford it! FOR ME, NO NEED TO LOOK ELSEWHERE. I was sold though I still had some concerns that this sub would not be able to deliver the same performance in my seemingly bass-challenged room.The B15 did not disappoint in my HT room. With it's built in 3 band parametric equalizer, it can be tailored to suit both music and Our Verdict. Revel M55XC Outdoor Speaker . Sometimes, when I forget to fully close the cupboard doors tightly, plates actually fall out of the In the end you won't be disappointed. Over the next two months, I listened to many recordings of singers, pipe organs, and film soundtracks. I busied myself with placing and connecting the three Revels. It also included the standard controls one would want in a sub plus 3 parametric equalizers to help with room-induced bass problems. | That stands for Beryllium, the material used for the M126’s 25mm-dome tweeter. It sounds refined & "there" at low volumes but can produce unlimited bass slam on demand. The resulting graph was much flatter from 25Hz to 1kHz (fig.4). Revel Performa B15 powered subwoofer in sealed cabinet of 1"-thick MDF Learn More; Revel Extreme Climate Landscape Series Award-winning sound in any environment Learn More The software's connection-status indicator turned green and identified the sub as "Rhythm2," telling me that LFO now controlled the sub. Daily digest of Revel Subwoofer Reviews by Critics from around the web. The first bit of positive news is indicated by the ‘Be’ in the product’s name. Introducing the F226BE New from the Revel PerformaBe Series Discover; F328Be The New Flagship is Here Discover; Discover the World of Revel Learn more; Revel in Lincoln Revel Ultima 3D makes its debut in the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator. It’s expensive and difficult to manufacture, so normally … And the Revel's three-band parametric equalizer, not reviewed here [but proven very effective in our first review of the unit, in our May 2003 issue—Ed] adds to the appeal of the overall package. With an MSRP of $10,000 the Rhythm2 does not come cheap, but it isn't built cheaply either. 21 February 2019. Each time I auditioned it, I came away feeling something was missing. Unfortunately, I do not have the tools yet to properly perform this task (Revel is allegedly still working on their LFO tools set as of this writing). Why don’t we see it used more then? I was surprised how responsive it seemed and how well it blended with the B&W speakers even using a 80 Hz crossover. )I have just recently started to experiment with 2-channel stereo mode. They also left a small pile of materials near my listening chair: the Rhythm2's removable grille, detachable power cord, and 10-page quick-start guide. I have owned the B15 for 4 years and really love this unit in my theater room My room is 2,000 ft3 and the B15 can achieve reference SPL levels in this environment. Revel Speaker Reviews From Critics Around the Web. At this size and price point I prefer the B15 to anything else. | News Revel F228Be - 2019 Stereophile Loudspeaker of the Year. I suspect a spectrum analyzer and a high quality microphone are also required for optimal tweaking.System consists of:Duntech "Black Knights" - main speakersDef Tech BP2 - surround speakersDIY 2-way with Dynaudio drivers - Center speakerRevel B15 Subwoofer Proceed AVP Preamp/surround processorClasse CA-300 Power amp - MainsClasse CA-200 Power amp - Center (bridged mode)Adcom 5800 Power amp - SurroundsPioneer Elite DV-05 DVD playerPioneer Elite CLD-53 Laserdisc playerToshiba 48" Projection TV (ancient), REL Stadium III, M&K350THX, Sunfire True Sub. This subwoofer combines good performance with a more attractive design than you can get from many subwoofers at this price. Because the sub's intrinsic equalization boosts its amplifier's drive as the audio signal's frequency descends, large but inaudible woofer excursions below 20Hz can drive the sub's twin amplifiers into clipping. Larry Greenhill | Feb 12, 2015 Powerful, massive, and expensive, Revel's Ultima Rhythm2 subwoofer ($10,000) swept me off my feet when I first saw it in Harman International's suite at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. With the B15 I do not boost the bass but crank up the volume for movies. Revel Concerta B12 Subwoofer Incredibly heavy (29 kg) with very compact sizes Revel Concerta B12 subwoofer creates the impression of a unitary block of concrete. This is a subwoofer that’s fast and agile enough to convince with music, while still having the sort of muscle required to make the most of the heavy-hitting, large-scale film scenes. Power, control & quality of bass. When Voecks had gone, I checked the Salon2s' full-range room response with Audio Tools' Real Time Analysis (RTA) module by bypassing the subwoofer and its internal crossover. And finally, I ‘got’ the system and realised Revel’s PR boy didn’t have a thing to worry about. I downloaded and installed Revel's pink-noise test tones, target response curves, and LFO software on my Lenovo X220 laptop, which runs Windows 7, and used a 6' USB cable from my printer to connect the computer to the Rhythm2. This review began when I ran into Gary Yacoubian, president of SVS, in a crowded hallway at Las Vegas's Venetian Hotel, during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Revel’s little Performa M20s rival speakers costing much more than their $2000 price, albeit at the expense of visceral bass. As an alternate to all those knobs and switches, the Rhythm2 is controlled by Revel's Low Frequency Optimization (LFO) software, installable in the buyer's computer. Pure Silver Cable R50 double-ribbon speaker cables connected the amplifiers' speaker terminals to the Salon2s. Specifications. Review Revel Concerta2 In deze test onderzoeken we een opstelling opgebouwd uit Concerta2-speakers van het Amerikaanse Revel. I ran a pair of balanced interconnects from the outputs of my Bryston BP26 preamplifier to the Rhythm2's inputs, and another pair from the Rhythm2's high-pass outputs to the inputs of a pair of Theta Digital Prometheus monoblocks (review to be published next month). Add the B15 subwoofer and you have a $5000 combination that holds its own against any speaker in that price range and against many speaker systems costing quite a bit more. Initially, I probably had the subwoofer output set too high as the sub made it's presence felt too well and I thought it detracted from the music (though not because of boominess which has never been an issue with this sub). These were then averaged, stored on my iPhone, and wirelessly imported to the LFO software. Fig.1 Revel LFO, display of target curve, equalizer inputs, and resulting FFT room-measurement curve for right-channel Revel Ultima Salon2 (range: +20dB to –30dB). If you are going to spend $2K-$3K on a sub, do some research and audition them with the speakers you have (or plan to buy). I listened to it in their system with top of the line Revel monitors and was impressed, but that was their system. Powerful, massive, and expensive, Revel's Ultima Rhythm2 subwoofer ($10,000) swept me off my feet when I first saw it in Harman International's suite at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. The bass was deeper then but loose and boomy. Tends to "migrate" if placed on tile floor without spikes, Okay, I have yet to find a review on this so I might as well share my preliminary findings for anyone desperate for any info on these subs. Fig.4 Revel Ultima Salon2s with Ultima Rhythm2 subwoofer, 1?3-octave response in LG's listening room (5dB/vertical div.). The best quality of this sub is the sound. Revel Concerta2 F35 review These fabulous speakers are real entertainers Tested at £1899 / $1600. I went through my library of DVDs and heard bass impacts I had not heard/felt before. I got it in my system and it did everything I could not get the HSU's or full range speakers to do in my room. A little background: I have been in the hunt for a decent subwoofer for about half a year with the first priority being High output LFE for Home theater and potentially a secondary role in 2-channel stereo mode. This results in a He later discovered that the rear panel's manual output control shut off the sub when touched. Several days later, Kevin Voecks, Revel's New Product Development Manager, arrived to optimize its setup for my room.

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