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Some places have scenic beauty in abundance while many are famous for their architectural wonders. Article shared by. The occupation of the majority of the villagers is agriculture. Download paper 89 . Apart from having great scenic attraction, these places are good health resorts. They attain greater height as compared to surrounding land. The first rays of the sun hit the twin peaks of Kangchenjunga. Protecting The Scenic Beauty Of Wildlife. Beauty – Short Essay. Pokhara is one of the most scenic and exciting valleys in Nepal. Its exquisite scenery, superb sights, green fields combine to add to the grandeur of this God-gifted paradise on earth. They attain greater height as compared to surrounding land. Page 1 of 3 - About 26 Essays. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. Every place has its own distinct features. Its serpentine rivers, huge calm lakes, mighty waterfalls, long lines of cypress trees are some of the delightful attractions for the tourists. Stage Beauty. Kashmir is located in the Himalayan region. Several people enjoy the sight of scenic beauty; some are attracted towards places of historical and archaeological interests. A range of evergreen tropical forests stretches along the coastal belt of southern Bangladesh. This falls in Jharkhand is a specimen of hanging valley falls. Most of the villagers are conservative and superstitious. There are green trees, vast pastures and flowery bushes everywhere. Essay on My Perfect Dream Vacation: There's No Place Like Home ... With the breathtaking natural & scenic beauty, amazing wildlife safari excursions, and a number of fun activities, Zambia Holidays has a lot to offer to the adventure travelers. �ӖL��a �����j� ��K�9먺�;��� R��9)2��~�V��!��A�� Overnight stay at the hotel. Tourists can count 500 steps while descensing down the falls, which also comprises an appealing beauty. The Chashme Shahi is known for its medicinal values. �_4�_ hc�oe��)�$]ڒ��}���>Ca�Jg}3w`��hd�ڛHy־(��)z0U�l4�ׅ,G=�7�ͫb��r��ʢ���n���������CgG��k�����_��^Ws�V��L�u֠� Varieties of flowers add to the beauty of Kashmir. The beauty of nature changes with the change of season. The nature over there gives more peace of mind and the positive energy in oneself, it makes you feel fresh. Pokhara is a piece of heaven in the world. The main attraction of our country Nepal is the tourist area and the temple area. At 12 acres, it is one of the largest and most authentic Japanese gardens in all of North America. We should fully enjoy the nature without disturbing its ecological balance. Wild strawberries are grown all over the Kashmir. Essay on Life in a Village with Outline and Quotes – Pakistani Village. It is said to be the heaven on earth. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit these places from all across the country. Then, we came down the hills and went for the ropeway trip. Published by Experts, Short essay for kids on the Habit of Reading, 318 word short essay on Fashion (free to read), Essay on Leadership: Introduction, Functions, Types, Features and Importance. ��ž�||Ux����ε#�ݡ݋.߽��q�X�߫^{"�k�/��г�������a9�4I��R��%����ag׎�cφO�xlü߽`�,'��D�>�mT�+,��E6�s/�B� 0%��`��n�4��4�j^�����r�4�Ql�#�*��=��mؕ=�?��GQ���a����RxS���ͽ��Lh�N��kTo��'�����ẅJ �ఖߏAѭ���+�$�V\���A����nW�x��r����� �Z5��8�B/��������f� ���a���$2O�W���DK}��gc%��L,��r��K�ǥ/�^-+�~�� $$"fy��j5���O��3[M���&��S�R?�z�8�>�G�y����c� L�M�I���A*��#��v�е�l���nJwt�Vmi�]����"�Bf���*���ح�m4�h�*��2�������d�ӑ���\_wֳ���Ϩ�L��A��(}x���ڐY"0��]�����vĶ�,��L$��_�#4��0�t����!rMe��uC����Iin�8�"��Ŝ-)�6��m��]kS��[�K4H`�⫒���Z�}��� �-\$�t�Ȫ�VS�Tg��z�XR�ʙU��O Kashmir has been the abode of saints and sages. There are so many nice places on the earth. Kashmir is a heaven on earth with its bracing climate and scenic beauty. However, to others inner beauty is more important than outer appearance. Beauty  Beauty Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Today’s beholders see America for their outer beauty.American people will judge others on their outer appearances before their inner beauty.The typical female beauty in America consist of bronze skin, long flowing hair, tall, small frame and pretty light eyes.. We have some places with uncommon scenic beauty which always attracts the tourists. In my view, beauty has to deal with how one is like in the inside.The term beauty was originated from Anglo-French beute. We should care our nature, make it peaceful, keep it clean and preve… India Essay 4 (250 words) My country India is a land of Shiva, Parvati, Krishna, Hanuman, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Kabir, etc. A village offers a matchless scenic beauty and freshness of the atmosphere. But the visit which has a lasting impression on my mind is the visit of Kashmir.

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