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4. Star wrath + Blizzard-staff like projectiles allow for crowd control. The Star Wrath and Meowmere can be gotten only by winning a fight with the Moon Lord, so since the Moon Lord drops only one item per defeat, you have to defeat him at least twice to obtain both weapons. However, the Star Wrath functions similarly to the Starfury in which projectiles will rain down where the cursor is. The Star Wrath is an endgame-tier sword that can be dropped by the Moon Lord. not sure if … Roblox is a global … + Good against solar eruption players in pvp + Allows for far ranged combat + Good for staying safe in a base and killing outisde enemies in the open - Lower damage then Meowmere (134)-Takes a while for the stars to come down in closed ranged combat. ★Phantasm and Celebration vs Bosses : \r ★Last Prism vs Bosses : \r ★Meowmere vs All Bosses (Expert Mode) : \r ★Meowmere vs Bosses : \r ★Terrarian vs Bosses : \r ★Star Wrath vs Bosses : \r ★Lunar Flare vs Bosses : Solar eruption has much more utility and at times has more dps than the cat sword. The amount of large projectiles the Star Wrath drops down is also a lot of clutter. SolaR Meowmere reaches 12 velocity, Star Wrath reaches 8. (For Moon Lord, I use Terrarian, so I couldn't say if Star Wrath or Meowmere is better.) Meowmere has red rating. Upon being swung, 3 stars fall out of the sky striking where the cursor was before the swing, which deal 2x more damage than the sword itself. And I find it easy to use the end game summoner load out with the star dust dragon at full length when fighting cultist. The explosion illuminates the surrounding area briefly. Report Item - Close. By using a Celestial Sigil, the boss summon item for the Moon Lord. I find myself using Meowmere more often, mainly because it has a longer effective range than Star Wrath (unless your monitor is like 4 feet wide) and the only thing Star Wrath has over it is single-target DPS, which I usually use Terrarian for instead. Terraria Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. star wrath last prism meowmere terrarian and that last one is absurdly op and puts meowmere to shame. Each Shooting Star from Star Wrath causes 220 damage (according to the wiki), Meowmere causes 200 base damage. :)\r\r★Phantasm and Celebration vs Bosses : \r★Last Prism vs Bosses : \r★S.D.M.G. Now, if its block-piercing worked like Lunar Flare's, then it'd be another story. I prefer the star wrath personally to the meowmere. … Projectile-reflecting enemies, such as the Selenian and closed Mimics, will reflect the cat projectile. you can use them for different strategies. 3. The cat is fired at the player's cursor location. Terrarian? Meowmere oyundaki taban hasarı en yüksek olan silahtır ve kılıcıyla yakın mesafe saldırıları yapabilir. 110 base damage is amazing but compared to the Meowmere's massive 200 base damage, well that is not even close. Star Wrath on the surface, Solar Eruption underground, Meowmere in the Dungeon. Both of these weapons drop from the moon lord in Terraria, and are Top end game weapons. Starwrath is almost useless in enclosed spaces, and Meowmere is almost impossible to aim in wide open spaces. ...frankly I haven't used it much. In my personal opinion, I prefer the Star Wrath with a Ruthless Reforge. All I want to say is, what is your opinion on this matter/battle/I don't care what you call it. i annihilated the pumpkin moon with it. The Starwrath gets so much more range above ground, and meowmere gets more range below, so every time I had terrarian in my equipment slot I never seeemed to actually use it. I made this cheaper! The Starfury can be found on the Floating Island Biome. (no modifiers for both) Does that explain something to you? Unlike the Starfury it auto-swings and has no cooldown time. i,am melle and i,am relly injoning the moewmere plus i love cats but the rainbows make me hilusanate. Meowmere The Meowmere has an 11.11% chance to drop from Moon Lord (Last Boss of the game). The only place Star Wrath is better is when there's a hole above you or outside on the surface. ; OR. As the three stars do double the damage the sword does, it is extremely important to hit enemies with the projectiles, not just with the sword. They’re pretty even, but i think the common opinion is that meowmere is better. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Did another nine kills last night, to no avail (no Meowmere drop, 2 Star Wrath, 2 Last Prism, 3 Celebrations, 1 SDMG, 1 Rainbow Crystal Staff). Though it's DPS is not high when compared to Terrarian. Game Pass. Meowmere does 200 damage, Star Wrath does 110. starSource: More TerrariaWalking Burger TankTankwalkingSource: i.redd.itIt's not the weekend, you know what that meansSource: i.redd.itMaster mode loot in a nutshellLootSource: i.redd.itMore starStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order enters EA Play on November 10playstarSource: twitter.comAll of the Terraria items I made, from left to right: Meowmere, Megashark, Daybreak, … For general use: Star Wrath will always beat the Meowmere.

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