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Duch Puszczy – ‘The Spirit of the Forest’ – is the most poetic name for a high-proof spirit also referred to as samogon, bimber or księżycówka (this last name literally translates as ‘moonshine’). So sorry, but would I be interested in Starka instead? If you feel like experimenting, you can add cinnamon, vanilla, butter or cloves – these are all popular variations. Polmos is an acronym for Polski Monopol Spirytusowy, “Polish Spirit Monopoly.” The traditional vodka is distilled from natural rye spirit that is distilled twice and no rectification. Herbal Starka, This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 15:50. "> Rye-based starka was produced in Poland and Lithuania as early as the 15th century. Considering the state of the previous owner’s output, likely around a hundred million dollars-worth of booze still awaits in the company’s basement. Starka Polish Vodka 50cl / 50% Add to Wishlist. Made with juniper berries, common hop cones and honey, piwo kozicowe is a low-proof drink typical of the Kurpie ethnic region in Mazovia. These days, some small producers have registered their brands so that we can legally buy moonshine from Podlasie – either in its original form or flavoured with honey or herbs. Starka is often called “Russian whiskey.” Its name is derived from a Polish word, which means both “aging process” and “an elderly woman.” There was a tradition in Polish households, when the head of the household made a barrel of Starka, sealed it with wax, … whole allspice 2-inch cinnamon stick See more ideas about wódka, polska, zlewki. There is also a number of other companies (most notably in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia and United States) that produce vodkas styled after the starka (produced mostly from a mixture of rectified spirit and herbal tinctures). However you drink it, you'll know you are enjoying a rare spirit made for the discerning whiskey drinker. Cecilia’s Polish Whiskey. Starka was much more sophisticated and complicated in creation. Everyone with whom I've shared a shot of this amazing vodka has loved it. American Whiskey Bourbon Corn Malt Rye Tennessee Wheat White Dog Other American Canadian Whisky Indian Whisky . The plant, which smells a bit like fresh hay, is eaten by wisents (European bison) in Poland’s Białowieża Forest. Starka, which is Old Polish Vodka is carefully distilled from 100% Danskowkje rye, then this Vodka least 25 years in oak barrels and belonged to one of the best-s Vodka of Poland. It is the quintessential expression of Starka. Traditional cider from Trzebnica, photo: courtesy of 2020-11-16 - Explore gustaf's board "Polish Vodka" on Pinterest. The original recipe includes twenty herbs and spices such as cardamom, cloves, coriander, thyme, lavender and juniper, but its most distinct feature is gold – small flakes of 23 carat gold to be exact. It’s taken the category nearly 40 … When you think of alcohol in Poland, vodka is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Starka is a spirit that originated in the 15th century in what came to be the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the area that is now Poland, Lithuania and western Russia. The basic recipe, which can be found in many books about Silesian cuisine, is simple: one glass of honey, one glass of water and one glass of rectified spirit are mixed together and left to mature. Buy Starka Vodka online - Russian Vodka. Starka is a Russian Vodka, search for and buy online at the best price on a range of Starka Spirits at Whisky Marketplace US. Beer is an oldest and most frequently drunk alcoholic beverage in the world. After the end of World War I, which put an end to foreign rule over former parts of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, starka remained one of the most popular spirits in both countries. It dates back to the 15th century, and it is traditionally associated with Poland, Lithuania, and Russia. However, these countries also produce a variety of un-aged fruit brandies. It’s probably this luxurious ingredient that seduced great admirers of the drink – Tsar Peter the Great and King Louis XIV of France. Currently, Szczecińska Fabryka Wódek "Starka" (former Polmos Szczecin) is the only company to produce Starka in Poland, and they offer it in all age classes, from 3 to 35 years old but the oldest Starkas date back to 1947. Sold in various grades, the most notable difference between them is the length of the aging period, varying from 3 to over 50 years, and the natural colour which is obtained from the reaction between the … As a country famous for its apples, it would seem pretty logical for Poland to produce loads of cider. The methods of production are similar to those used in making whisky. Last but not least, Żubrówka is the best known Polish booze in the world: you can probably buy it wherever you live since it’s available in 80 different countries. Originally, the berries – which were common in the region – were the main source of sugar, but later on proportions changed, honey (or sugar) was added, and the juniper became more of a flavouring than the main component. Polish Starka is quite different altogether. The result is a Bourbon of particular distinction and uncommon character. Its natural color is created from the reaction of the alcohol with natural oak barrels. Taking all of this under consideration, we’ve pared it down to an exclusive selection that any visitor to Poland cannot miss. They do indeed carry one label of Polish whiskey, but it was out of stock at the moment. in Polish: as above. It’s probably the simplest nalewka to make at home, since the only thing you need to do is shake it from time to time. I used to bring it home from Lithuania in my checked baggage -- one of my cousins used to work at the Stumbras bottling plant -- but now I don't have to, since finding it at Liquor Barn. Its origin is mostly connected to Polish noble families who would bury and age a distillate in wooden barrels to commemorate the birth of a child. The name itself stems from this process of aging and in 15th century Polish meant both the vodka type and an old woman. This privilege was a source of substantial profits. It is aged for varying periods, some very long, in casks that formerly held sherry. Szczecin is the capital of Polish whiskey.,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Starka from 3 to 35 years old There is no whiskey tradition in this part of the world; starka is as close as it gets. Each bottle is hand-bottled. They were already famous for their goat cheeses, but decided that wasn’t enough and revived this truly original product. Traditionally Starka is made from natural (up to 2 distillations, no rectification) rye spirit and aged in oak barrels with small additions of linden-tree and apple-tree leaves. Starka was the Eastern European response to such spirits like brandy and whiskey, both of which were simply barrel-aged alcohol. After the first son was born in a family, vodka was put in an oak barrel used previously to store wine (which at that time was usually imported from Hungary) and left to age until the boy’s wedding. Their first batch was bottled in 1947 and sold eight years later. Sold in various grades, the most notable difference between them is the length of the aging period, varying from 3 to over 50 years, and the natural colour which is obtained from the reaction between the alcohol and the oak barrel, not from the additives. The barrel was then sealed with beeswax and buried, only to be dug out at the child's wedding. Enter your email address below to be notified when this product is available.

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