sun electric trike, Electric Bike Technologies Electric Fat Tire Trike, Electric Bike Technologies Electric Eco-Tad Trike, Stable, easy to mount, comfortable to ride or just sit on… this is a fun upright tricycle for adults but as a middle aged guy I had a blast too, it’s super convenient with the basket on the back, Available in five color combinations, the classic red reminded me of trikes I had as a kid and it just feels fun, most of the add-on electronics (cables, controller, battery box and motor) are painted black and blend in with the tires, seat and grips well, While most two-wheeled electric bikes I test can hit 20 mph, I felt that the ~14 mph top speed worked great with this trike, it’s possible to get up on two wheels for fun if you try but otherwise stays very stable and part of that is the lower speed, In addition to a lower speed, the controller on this bike provides five power levels so you can really slow things down if you want, I love that it also lets you go in reverse, Operating the bike is a cinch, it uses a half-grip twist throttle just like a moped or motorcycle to go and offers variable speed and power depending on how far you twist it, I appreciate the shiny front fender and paint-matching chain guard that helps keep you dry and clean while riding as well as the larger platform pedals with good surface area and grip in case it’s wet outside, Given that the battery is mounted inside the cargo basket, I like that the casing is aluminum to help protect it if you put other supplies on top, The saddle is very unique and highly adjustable, there’s plenty of space on top, it’s strong with three support legs vs. just one post and you can move it up or down along with the high-rise handlebars to get a comfortable body position, The brake style is easier to use than cantilever (you get more leverage with the v-brake design) and I love that the brake lever has a built in latch to act as a parking brake, You get a sturdy charger made from the same sort of Aluminum casing as the battery, it’s easy to toss into the basket and take on your rides, since it’s a 5 Amp vs. most 2 Amp chargers you can charge fairly quickly, While it’s totally possible to buy a tricycle and convert it with an electric bike kit, I love that the conversion here is done for you and they ship ready to ride… I also love the one year warranty and expertise of the company (since they sell a whole line of e-trikes), With 24″ wheels vs. classic 26″ the frame is kept lower to the ground and the spokes tend to hold up better supporting heavy weight (the front wheel spokes are extra thick), The seat tube is a bit further back from the bottom bracket which allows your legs to rest forward (much like sitting on a sofa) vs. going straight down, this keeps the seat lower to the ground overall which makes it stable and easy to step off, The front wheel is reinforced with a large torque arm so the powerful motor won’t bend the dropouts, the spokes are larger and have nipples and eyelets designed to brace the rims and reduce splitting and loosening, The display panel is large enough that it’s easy to read and understand without having to lean in too close, I like that it’s backlit as well but it’s not removable so take care if you park at a public rack or leave it outside in the weather, The battery box slides into the basket from behind, I love that it’s removable if you want but found that you have to first unlock the pack then pull the key out so it doesn’t snag or bend on the basket… also the battery box takes up some of your cargo space, There’s only one brake, it’s a mechanical v-brake linear pull style mounted on the front wheel, I sort of like that this model doesn’t have the “pedal backward” brake since it makes reversing easier but some people may miss it, This trike only comes in one size but in my experience the step-thru frame, taller bars and adjustable seat will fit a wide range of riders if you’re willing to fiddle with it, With only one pedal gear and a weight of over 75 lbs this is not a bike you’d want to get stranded on if the battery ran out… thankfully the new display offers good feedback about charge level, The motor is quiet and fairly powerful but it will definitely struggle on the steeper hills (especially with larger riders or a full basket) if you don’t have some speed going in and don’t pedal a bit to help, if you have to get off and walk the bike at least you can still use the throttle to have it power itself forward, The key has to be left in the battery and turned to on in order to use it… this exposes the key to more damage if you overload the basket and could be a hassle if you forget to put it in or turn to on after loading up (you’d have to dig down and insert or turn it), at least the key is folding so it doesn’t stick out too far. What is the cost of your kit? The 500-1000w E-BikeKit motor is capable of puling over 300lbs and is laced into a USA handbuilt wheel with single-butted 12-13 gauge spokes for durability. is not intended to be just an electric trike; but rather an extension of your journey while still getting all of the benefits of trike riding. I love that they have custom programmed their new displays to match the specific battery voltage curves so the power indicator is more accurate than older versions (especially the very simple older versions with a three-LED readout vs. the five battery bar on the LCD). • Quality You Can Afford - SunSeeker Eco Delta 3 SX • Seeking an Amazing Entry Trike - Sun Seeker Eco Tad SX • The All New KMX Koyote • The Electro Tad: Electric power with an affordable price tag. View. Powering the motor and beautiful backlit display is a average sized Lithium-ion battery pack. ECO-TAD SX. The battery is enclosed in a sturdy Aluminum case (as with the charger) and can be charged on or off the bike. Tadpole Trike. It has three mid-sized wheels so mounting and stopping is stable and safe. It’s intuitive and very handy for getting the bike through tight spaces. Depending on the power level chosen for this trike you can expect anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per charge and the 5 Amp charger is easy to toss in the basket and quick to refill. I was told by the folks at Electric Bike Technologies (the people who build the trike) that they can even hard code a top speed for you that can’t be accidentally overridden. What did you buy for your new bike this weekend (Black Friday...), Disadvantage of integrated mid drives that I don't see mentioned, Giant Momentum Transcend E+ vs Priority Current, Known Issues & Problems with Riese & Müller Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes. For we offer this (see video below) but for conversion at home, we recommend using a 9Ah or 20Ah battery instead. We like this adult trike, because you sit up high and can see traffic, and because it's a darn good quality tricycle. Have been checking on different dealers and think your Sun 24 inch 36 volt 500 watt front wheel hub motor wold be just the one for me. I’m a bit worried about this trike not taking a rather long, steep hill that my usual route requires, and hope that perhaps the motor is more powerful? TADPOLE TRIKE. $250 Flat-Rate Shipping. At the very least, I view the EZ-Tadpole trike as the quintessential beach/bike path cruiser. Sporting a very low seat height, improving balance and maneuverability, the e48 is a great choice for a confidence inspiring ride. The Sun Traditional 24 adult tricycle is a perfect trike for recreational trike riders. Hi Wendy! ELECTRIC Sun Seeker Fat-Tad Recumbent Trike with 1000w BBSHD Mid-Drive Are you looking for some serious fun on the beach or on the trails? It’s not the zippiest motor bit being gearless, there are few moving parts to break and it’s less likely to overheat because of the space inside and lower RPM. Find used Sun tricycles for sale with a large selection of new and used bicycles at Local Bike Trader. The Electric Traditional Trike boasts the most comfortable seat we've ever seen – an extra-large, noseless, padded, ergonomically shaped, tractor-style seat. Like the twist throttle, with reverse, tork arm, LED monitor but don’t need battery or battery case.

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