swamp white oak growth rate

Growth Rate: medium (12"-24" per year) Height: 50-60' / Spread: 50-60'. Look no further than the Beacon Swamp White Oak, which offers the classic Oak benefits you love in a brand new silhouette. November 3, 2006. It's one of the only columnar White Oaks on the market today. Extremes in temperature vary from 41° C (105° F) to -34° C (-30° F). Suitable to plant east of the 100th meridian. It grows faster than many oaks and makes an excellent shade and specimen tree. White Oak does best on well-drained soils, but will tolerate dry poor upland sites. The oak that I think that gets over looked the most is the Bur Oak. American Dream® is a new cultivar of Quercus bicolor that offers shiny durable foliage, and superior branching over a typical Swamp White Oak. If the tree is going to struggle it will show it within the first few years after planting. It transplants easily and Swamp white oak has deeply ridged and furrowed, dark brown bark, and forms an impressive shade tree. Growth Rate: Moderate: Light Needs: Partial Shade, Partial Sun, Full Sun: Mature Height: 40-60 ft: Mature Width: 40-60 ft: Name: Swamp White Oak Habitat. pH levels: 7.0 or below Soil: prefers wet but will grow in well-drained. Size at Maturity . Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor) Zones 4-8. Swamp White Oak Fagaceae. Growth Rate: Fast Swamp White Oak is a beautiful, native tree that is well adapted to heavy wet soils. Red Oak grows best in fertile, sandy loam soils. Average annual precipitation is from 640 mm (25 in) in southeast Minnesota to 1270 mm (50 in) in northeast Arkansas. native to eastern United States; hardy to zone 4; Habit and Form. Expand. Swamp White Oak grow best in the low hills and stream bottoms; most tolerate of the three you mentioned to get their feet week. The branching habit looks far better than the average Quercus bicolor. It is a moderate grower and is long-lived, surviving for more than 300 years. Swamp white oak is planted on highway rights-of-way and is frequently used as a shade tree for large lawns, golf courses, parks, and naturalized areas. Swamp white oak can have problems on high pH soils but this is not always the case. Growth Rate (average dbh inches per year) Growth Rate (average dbh inches per 16-year period) Sample Size (N = number of trees) Cottonwood 0.64 10.2 271 Silver maple 0.49 7.8 42 Blue spruce 0.47 7.6 133 Catalpa 0.44 7.0 9 White oak 0.43 6.9 31 Austrian/ ponderosa pine 0.43 6.9 503 Linden 0.43 6.8 104 Ash 0.42 6.7 270 Russian-olive 0.40 6.4 43 Red oak 0.40 6.3 54 The frost-free period ranges from 210 days in the southern part of the growing area to 120 days in the northern part (4). Five tree species, Quercus palustris (Pin Oak), Quercus rubra (Northern Red Oak), Quercus bicolor (Swamp White Oak), Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple), and Amelanchier canadensis (Shadbush Serviceberry) were planted in replicated blocks on . But despite its sleeker growth habit, it's as strong as ever and provides effortless shade as well as any similar variety. Sun: full sun Tolerate: drought tolerant, road salt. Seedlings were evaluated for survival, height, and caliper growth from 2006 to 2010. It will grow in wet area that other oaks are unable to tolerate. It is very hardy and provides both food and shelter for wildlife. a medium-sized, deciduous tree; upright oval crown, open ; 50 to 60' tall; 50' to 60' wide; coarse texture; moderate growth rate; Summer Foliage. Fall color is yellow then the tawny foliage persists into early winter.

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