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Managed highly skilled QA test teams and recruited new members capable of executing the established plan. Traveled to Pennsylvania Plant, first plant to run live on BPCS. Another type of unbiased feedback is about technology. It’s not enough to know how to do things. Developed and maintained a working environment to provide timely, economical, and customer service. Traditionally, people working in mathematics, computer science, mechanics and information technology have used many technical skills. Designed and implemented the Quality Assurance policies and procedures for all company-wide software development projects. Researched and analyzed Content Management System, Records Management System,. Managed technical manufacturing issues for improved product quality, compliance, and delivery. How would you like to steer this ship forward while aligning it with company goals? Coordinated QA and validation activities to document validation protocol and participated with the business users during the execution of protocols. Provided employee counseling and disciplinary action pursuant to policies and procedures to ensure satisfactory performance. It might seem like it’s for personal gain but a good technical manager will network with people that can contribute to their vision of the team. Technical Expertise 1. Listening should be active. Coordinated and managed the roll out of 650 PCs and printers. Supported business partner's custom application integration, implementation of IVR, and CRM products using CTI for Call Control. Customized GUI interface and branding of eCDS using HTML and JSP, based on Stakeholder need. Developed and implemented all Technical and Laboratory standard operating procedures, including all quality inspection and non-conformance processes. Governed day-to-day technical maintenance activities, hardware sizing and procurement requests, and system configurations across all domains. This also doesn’t mean you can trust them. Provided installation and technical support desktop hardware, software and networking issues for multiple educational facilities. Implemented improved processes for innovation, new idea generation, collaboration, product development and commercialization. Performed annual performance reviews for technicians to determine job level and merit raises associated with job performance. Developed MS Access databases to monitor quality systems for manufactured and co-packed products. Implemented a standardized digital management of change (MOC) process for the business team organization (BTO) via SharePoint. You should hear the other person’s point of view and … Assisted staff Anesthesiologist in preparing and performing several Anesthesia preparations and procedures in the operating rooms and remote anesthetizing locations. Identified coating candidates with ability to resist fingerprinting on bright anodized aluminum for consumer electronics applications. Installed a computer based maintenance system to track costs and implement preventative maintenance. Project Initiation. Revitalized and acquired two government funded product development and emission reduction programs. When there are hurdles to overcome, cracking a joke to break the ice, then moving the team to solve a problem requires charisma. It’s simply that they’ve had lots of practice being patient with their children. If you were asked to draw a picture of your team in relation to other teams in your company or division, what would the picture look like? Managed and coordinated the usage of Business Intelligence tools in data warehouse environment. Whenever possible, you should give feedback (like restating what you’ve heard) to validate your understanding of the other person. Initiated cross-functional (engineering and development) future planning group to better anticipate customer needs. To balance relationships within the team, a good technical manager must be unbiased and open-minded (as much as possible). Provided customer support via warranty exchanges, troubleshooting, and customer education utilizing product training and resources. Improved organizational productivity by implementing Collaboration Tool to provide secure document management system for finance and total organization. A lot of my colleagues — ones that made management in their tenth year after being on track for management in year five — weren’t good managers. Developed a java based e-commerce portal for online learning to integrate with Blackboard and various social tools via web services. Established the use of SharePoint as the medium for sharing information within the teams as well as between co-managers. Identifying, recruiting and hiring talented sales reps. Importance of Technical Skills in Project Management A project manager should have various technical skills and competencies. Top Technical Sales Manager Skills. Conceived architecture / programmed major components of a process simulator with an extensible thermodynamics engine. Provided technical leadership on major cross-functional engineering activities facilitating resolution of system problems to keep projects on schedule. Provided consultancy to business units for integrating and normalizing business application stack across diverse technology domains. Provided technical expertise during the building of a chocolate moulding plant. Make solid plans and goals. Ensured effective operation of configuration and data management services and supervised a staff of three. Managed technical staff providing authoring system and LMS support to training development and delivery groups in corporate training department. Collaborated with research and development labs to tailor product development to customer needs. Created and maintained the school's web pages using HTML and JavaScript. Set yourself up for success and develop the skills of a good technical manager. Designed and conducted Materials/Wastage technical training packages for sales and technical personnel to develop sales opportunities. Developed edit decision list support in C++. Trained new technicians and Customer Service representatives on company systems and processes. Performed key role as coach and manager in implementing the SDLC process into the mainframe team practice area. Introduced new technologies that provided business value to the organization such as collaboration portals, WAN accelerators, and unified messaging. Administered Macintosh servers and integrated into Windows network. Technical managers shouldn’t be attached to certain technologies. Implemented and managed a technology infrastructure that accommodated over 800 students and employees which also included server and network administration. Worked closely with senior management executives to establish project management goals, procedures and processes. Provided operational planning, including infrastructure and architecture, desktop integration, applications development, and remote office support when necessary. Created $350k in savings by transitioning enterprise QA teams from licensed tools to open source alternatives. Prepared technical training presentations, proposals to customers. Created and taught internal project management courses for certification of architects. A good cheerleader possesses a certain degree of charisma. Business managers may not understand there are technical limitations. Revamped the company Intranet site, converting it (and the staff directory) over to SharePoint 2007. Developed a sample RBDCK site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript according to requirements. Created and maintained documentation related data warehouse design and ETL development. Developed an automated verification and test strategy to reduce QA-cycle time. Provided guidance to SharePoint direct reports on business surveys and partnerships in support of content migrations to SharePoint 2010 release. Developed system requirements and architecture and verified implementation of new capabilities to be delivered to customers. Utilized traditional and agile project management methodologies based on the Scrum methodology. Provided process coordination, business analysis, customer service and quality process improvement. Developed Knowledge Management architecture and process for graphics, documentation masters and source materials using Visual SourceSafe. Once you lose the chance, it may not come around again (at least not with the same team). It’s when two people come away with a solid understanding of each other’s perspective. Reviewed and approved all business requirements prior to determining technical solutions. Ideally, a good technical manager will master the business knowledge to lead teams successfully through projects. Championed establishment of regional support model for Mid-Atlantic region that was subsequently rolled out to all domestic business units. Arranged and scheduled training as necessary to ensure technicians maintain and update their technical expertise. Assisted start-ups, small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and arts and cultural non-profits with navigating city and state agencies. 3. Calibrated and performed preventative maintenance on standard laboratory equipment. This type of persuasive communication can only be practiced by making pitches as often as possible. Trained clients and users on PCs/softwares. Developed preventative maintenance procedures and schedules; inventoried games; assisted in collections. Worked with 10 department managers to order and purchase computer hardware and software for Unix and HP computers. Every technical manager has their own management style. Implemented a company-wide Digital Asset Manager housing over 1 million images and integrated it with Content Management System. A good technical manager is someone who understands that for bystanders who are watching, perception is the reality. Designed a relative value application for fixed income products onto WebLogic/Java/RMI IIOP platform. Led teams of 3-10 people in a wide range of successful proprietary application development, integration, and hardening initiatives. Designed and administered UNIX servers and production systems responsible for producing the weekly newspaper inserts of a major grocery operation. Reviewed quality problems with quality control personnel and direct action required correcting deficiencies. Managed technology help desk, responding to daily technical support calls from users and designing enhancements to existing functionality. Enhanced laboratory performance and demanding quality work from all personnel including laboratory supervisors. Informed customers of new technologies, specifications and end-uses of products. Programmed in Perl/mod_perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, Python, SQL and HTML. Seeing the big picture also means seeing how your project will impact your clients outside of the company and the industry. Trained 2 employees to extract 15TB of biological time-series patient data; used SQL to create largest-ever database of sleep data. When I was working in IT for investment banks, these opportunities typically came around during year five for a senior programmer. Led efforts to incorporate Design for Six Sigma, Voice of Customer and Lean principles into daily project planning. This process can be shortened by promoting someone who is already mentoring team members within the same team. Starting projects effectively to align on vision and approach. Earned $500K in hard benefit in validated Six Sigma Black Belt projects (2005). Recognized as an exceptional manager and customer service representative. Interfaced with IDW and the W data warehouse team to ensure business requirements were fulfilled throughout project life cycle. Created and edited xml to format and publish materials to the web. The decisions of picking which technology to use, what programming language to use, and which vendor to use should be based on careful analysis of the pros and cons. Managed database administration (DBA) team responsible for production of SQL database operation on 24/7 basis. Designed and developed a credit cost calculator to allocate loan costs onto a Java IIS SOAP platform. Technical skills are more important for low-level managers than for those at the top of the chain. Provided proposal writing and lead technical volume development for NVI's internal business development efforts. Conducted all ANDA, NDA activities, and submissions according to FDA regulations. It’s often up to the technical managers to push back and set technical limitations. Converted Word files to FrameMaker and RoboHelp, WebHelp, WebWorks, and HTML help files. Devised a post certification maintenance strategy by creating quality manuals, procedures and facilitating audits for certifications and permits. Managed direct reports while retaining certain technical duties such as Application Design and Facilitation of Process Improvement meetings. Management often needs to have technical skills in order to … Supported Integrated Management suite applications: Investigating, troubleshooting, and resolving application problems. Developed in-house applications using SAS, MS SQL, Crystal Reports and Access to collect, analyze and report data. This article discusses a number of technical skills that will serve project managers well. Performed daily preventative maintenance and repaired of any items that must be fixed. Provided majority of daily technical support, including performing minor hardware replacements and re-installations as well as answering employee questions. Managed 140 LANs (2,600+ nodes) comprised Windows servers and PCs, Macintosh workstations, networked copiers and printers. Managed a diverse group of 25 FTE various backgrounds in Accounting, Technology, Risk Management and Application development. Conducted extensive personnel training in computer troubleshooting, telephony, and connectivity. Installed computers and networked internet functions. Implemented Six Sigma concepts, resulting in reduction of scrap and losses by over 35%. Worked with sales team to provide excellent customer service and revenue regeneration opportunities. Initiated review of company-wide cost allocation and reporting for 100+ business units representing $1B revenue. Managed 160 home-dispatch service technicians (32 direct reports) in a union environment covering a four-state service area. Played integral role in organizational development and expansion by setting up and configuring the technical infrastructure in nine satellite locations. A good technical manager should advocate for every member of the team. Used extensive technical knowledge to provide technical support to customers via telephone before dispatching a technician. They practice patience daily by enduring extraordinary situations. Extended technical architecture with introduction of new technologies and products. Developed and maintained schedules for multiple projects in support of business units supporting major pharmaceutical companies. Ensured compliance with FDA regulations and all customs issues for international clients. You probably also have devised a fallback plan. Don’t waste your time being a mediocre manager.

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