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The TFCC, or Triangular FibroCartilage Complex, is a soft tissue cushion and wrist stabilizer on the ulnar side (pinky finger side) or the wrist. (11). The Journal of Hand Surgery. Only tears toward the outside will likely heal on their own, as these have a good blood supply. A traumatic tear (i.e. Tears due to wear are the most common and are usually not seen in younger people. TFCC surgery takes place under general anaesthesia. Mild injuries of the TFCC may be referred to as a wrist sprain. TFCC injuries can be repaired by open or arthroscopic methods. The TFCC tear results in chronic pain in your wrist. What is a TFCC tear? Wrist arthroscopy - some TFCC tears can be treated with a minimally invasive procedure performed through small incisions on the back of the wrist. 1994;19:143–154. Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury is an increasingly recognized problem that can significantly affect wrist function, even for activities of daily living. Because the TFCC connects, protects and cushions the wrist and hand while gripping, a TFCC tear or TFCC injury can lead to chronic pain unless properly treated. Meaning we have no gold standard research that shows us that either TFCC surgery is better than doing nothing. Arthroscopy. 2013;95-B:1687–1696. Surgery is indicated in-Type 1- acute unstable injury C. Shaver is inserted into the wrist joint to trim away the torn edges of the TFCC tear (like a lawn mower). I am a physician who had a TFCC tear diagnosed on MRI. What is a TFCC tear and does it need surgery? An injury or tear to the TFCC can cause chronic wrist pain. J Exp Orthop. Open surgery may also be necessary to shorten the ulna. He is board certified in physical medicine as well as rehabilitation and in pain management through The American Board of Physical Medicine... Surgical treatment will “clean” the damaged cartilage by tidying up the torn edges of the cartilage, or it will repair the tear entirely. (303) 429-6448, (8) Saito T, Malay S, Chung KC. The torn portion can become pinched in the wrist joint with motion, causing pain and clicking. Normally, arthroscopic surgery is the treatment of choice which involves a few small incisions around the wrist area. If you sustain an injury to this part of your wrist, you may experience pain along the outside of the wrist as well as it may limit your range of motion in your hand. After TFCC tear surgery, patients will wear a cast to keep their wrist, hand, and forearm stabilized. The goal is to promote healing without the need for surgery. (11) Lee JK, Hwang JY, Lee SY, Kwon BC. An injured TFCC causes pain and may produce a clicking noise when the wrist is moved in certain ways. Icing 3-5 times a day is used to reduce swelling for the first few weeks. B. When the TFCC is torn or injured, patients experience pain along the pinky finger side of the wrist. The TFCC can become torn with a fall on an outstretched hand, other trauma, or just wear and tear. Does surgery work? I now lift heavy weights without any issue and instead of being in a big cast or brace, I was able to return to work immediately and had an active recovery. The TFCC, or triangular fibrocartilage complex, is a structure in your wrist. The triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is a cartilage structure located on the small finger side of the wrist that, cushions and supports the small carpal bones in the wrist. Following surgery, a TFCC tear may take around 3 months to heal completely. It’s basically a triangular-shaped spacer with ligaments that lives on the pinky finger (ulnar) side of your wrist (1). In another, only 40% of patients were satisfied (7). One area of the TFCC lacks a good blood supply and physicians typically do not repair it. TFCC Tear. Following surgery, an ace wrap and dressing is applied; removed at 1 week and range of motion is encouraged to heal. Let’s dig in. There are three main surgical techniques: inside-out, outside-in, and all-inside. Tears from injury can come from: A fall on the hand or wrist; A twisting injury (like a drill bit catching, causing a twist of the arm) Information about the treatment of TFCC tears by Dr Jill Tomlinson at Melbourne Hand Surgery: The triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is located on the side of the wrist with the bump (the “ulnar” side of the wrist) and is made up of cartilage and ligament support structures. Repetitive motions in sports, athletic training or work setting can aggravate an already painful injury to the point that it becomes chronic. E. Cautery is inserted to gently “carmelize” and stabilize the periphery of the tear., South Denver Conservative Treatment Options for TFCC Injuries. Like any ligamentous injury, a TFCC tear can be separated into grades of levels. The upshot? TFCC Tear. All operative patients had imaging studies and clinical findings consistent with TFCC injury as the primary source of their activity-limiting pain and had failed nonoperative management prior to surgery. Most people are aware of the “meniscus” which cushions and stabilizes the knee – the TFCC is a very similar structure in the wrist. Complete the form below to access the Regenexx ebook library. In the less severe cases, the ligaments will slowly heal (as they were not completely torn) and normal function can be regained. Through another small incision, instruments are inserted for either repair or trimming away of the torn portion of the TFCC. These wrists are more likely to get beat up over time due to all of this extra motion. Can a TFCC heal without surgery? Broomfield, CO 80021 Splinting - a TFCC tear can oftentimes heal itself if the wrist is immobilized with a splint or cast. A camera is inserted into the wrist joint and the image is projected onto a television screen. Wall Push-up is a good gentle weight-bearing exercises for TFCC rehabilitation, try to hold for 5 seconds for each repetition, 10 reps x 3 sets / day. Depending on the location of the tear in your TFCC, your physician may recommend surgery. What is the Natural History of the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Tear Without Distal Radioulnar Joint Instability? Patients without at least 3 months of documented postoperative follow up were excluded. A TFCC injury can be a very disabling wrist conditio… Lone Tree, CO 80124 This involves a precise ultrasound-guided injection of your own high dose platelet-rich plasma or stem cells into the TFCC and associated ligaments. Tear in the central portion of TFCC with fraying of the edges. The TFCC may be injured during a fall, sports, or on the job. This involves immobilization in a splint for approximately 4 weeks. Christopher J. Centeno, M.D. (3) In addition, some surgeons try to shorten the ulna bone, but the research shows that this is likely not needed (9). Arthroscopy. Arthroscopic TFCC repair: The arthroscopic technique is a less invasive procedure where 2 to 3 incisions of about 5 mm each are made in the wrist, through which a telescope (arthroscope) and other surgical instruments are passed. Most TFCC tears can be treated conservatively, that involves splinting, cold application, anti-inflammatory medicines, steroid injection, and hand therapy.

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