what are basic computer literacy skills

Social media can also help you better connect with industry leaders and experts to build your professional network. A computer literate employee will know how to upload images and text to slides, create graphs or charts and transition each slide from one to the next. Facebook. In the current job market, computer literacy is not optional anymore, especially if you want to build a long-term career. By showcasing your computer literacy in prominent areas of your resume, you show that your computer skills are not only a feature of your experience; but also, how they were applied toward successful task completion. You can complete this using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Basic Computer Skills. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets: If your position involves tracking or analyzing data, you will need to use spreadsheets. Computer literacy can also refer to the comfort level someone has with using computer programs and applications. These skills should not be taught in isolation but should be applied when meeting learning outcomes in the content areas. In this video, you’ll learn about our Basic Computer Skills course. Are you applying for a job, and they have required you to take essential computer skills exam when you show up for the interview? A great way to enhance your current computer skills is to practice them regularly. Your teacher will keep this. The Basic Computer Literacy course is designed to provide health care and customer service students with a basic knowledge of computer principles, hardware and software including Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Basic computer literacy skills. Removing Junk from Your PC. Computer literacy may be distinguished from computer programming, which primarily focuses … Northstar Online Learning (NSOL) can help you learn digital literacy skills online. l����]JN�ˤkT�������o��LXܭi.K���`㢧 Sql0� Click here. Computer skills (or computer literacy) refer to the knowledge and set of abilities that allow you to use computers and new technology efficiently and effectively. Many students who attend computer basic skills classes are older adultswho were not introduced to computer technology at a young age. 3 0 obj stream IT Support technician. The Basic Computer Literacy and Essential Skills (BCLES) program is aimed at adult learners who have low-level Computer Use literacy and very limited experience with the functions of a computer. Northstar Basic Computer Skills Assessment This free assessment of basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online employs online, self-guided modules in eight areas: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac … Writing Skills. This results in less time spent by supervisors in training employees in company software and platform applications. Hiring managers often prefer to hire employees who have strong computer literacy skills. Using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can vary from basic number inputting to complex formulas. The curriculum uses visual aids, practical application and performance based assessments making it appropriate for ESOL learners as well as native English speakers. Most companies’ marketing departments use social media to post updates about their company, services and that of their clients. Hardware is what the computer is physically made up of; which includes the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and all x��=is�Fv�U����� �/S:�+r$:��� ��8r����_��^�И!Ŕ�5�����W���%?��Çw��O������w��_�z{���?����ʓ���W,��?�$�i�'��ӊ'�7�_��]��R��+��`I�u�٧��~��ћ��h{\%�������W?��z�j�R�*����?3u��X���L���1���6�����'aȁPU�(��ԀL��Ѻ��GU�9{ D�������w@M��Q@.^��B�*-_�p����$���$�>I>#��q�����O@T�*e����%����h�ƅ'L��-) C �xd �J�T��Gmi�w�$�p�~�vǧ�ˣ�׸b�؀��d@�N�U���E���QEo����4��8�.Qݻ��0Q�l�*�k�m���ǧ�(��[d`R'����7xB\}��0Ў�]�4�+�U�-���'��7���M�\�]�� ʶ�'۾�;��Fa��}������� ^rQ�kع��¹���ďz@�5��0 a�U�]��h�Zo(�i�π�y���2���'��sGgc@��%�����!���D�1�Hu������f�X6D�1��=����k45� ��h��ֆx�>Yo�}9�O��5'�s�BL��R�“_K2��p�.��u����$Vr�*����E��p���!��R�)��'�QJ�-+b�N[� F��P(����[�oYX;1%"0%rޔ�౔���,+ʳ������ ���Q�C�扖|��*�2&�g,����>A�y�B� �M�GZ�����]�wd����_�#��0E �^�LZ_������M���_ ���q�f�A o�j�[��`=�"���X��띶�'t�k:��@cH���,c�%c3H�[��o��&FVd�,SfNi�z�#J������u <>>> This may include typing, powering a computer on and off, learning keyboard commands and knowing how to connect and disconnect your computer. Do you need a way to demonstrate basic computer and digital literacy skills to employers? Computer skills are some of the most popular technical skills. The more you use what you already know, the easier it becomes to perform these tasks often. If you are looking for basic computer skills or to upgrade computer skills you already have, review our free Basic Computer Skills tutorial. Objectives •Basic knowledge of computer components endobj We will concentrate on the skills that will apply to many commonly used programs. Being computer literate may also make it easier to work with customers or clients because it streamlines communication. If it’s your first experience in an office role and you haven’t worked with technology in the... Social media and search engines. Utilizes Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel to craft presentations on customer data to build new and effective marketing campaigns.”. Some companies may expect you to operate a computer during the entire day, while others may require less computer usage. A computer literate professional should know popular email platforms (such as Gmail and Outlook) and be familiar with online messaging systems (Slack). �p�Mk�M��@�Ehoh�O��]ϊ�k���ֻ���.nm#i���6=�R��Bx#+���s��$��u��3����sFt��H�'�{� ����~���4&�"�l`� ���Z�:�������p��k�m))�����+��ʊ7ZRQ�Z_� O�����=���9F�`O#�hTN7肭��v�Φ�^L��'&:��� �q���GxbH������I5��A�fB��D�W~��"{AL��so��k�/��E.K32��Z�ڷ���JA��-Q�(����Dh���jL!���J����P�]���W���Y��{���8Amj�D�vA��(�T�ĵ����q �{\Jn�w�N�#QOkc�B?���{7t�. Hiring managers want candidates that are computer literate. �*X:�Hx*�J���'W>v�*CukJ��D��tN&�@XJ�X ��G�pU���b�c �@Z��d^a��}����ϭ�ɧ7H�F�[�;ҙ;J\;�W�'�T�����U�:�Dq#pQ���$��-0�u-Os�ve��#�p����v�北J��-G�Z-�E �����g�#rm.�ư��a�>I`zb����H�h�fb�NuuU�r���.�������|f���Ew����2&��N4>���8��� �Q�y�|���+��S����6yV\�܃���b��5�|��N�tI��$�rr�� �j�v���td��(�Z[x�x�f��Tlv`�RQHܷ;[��!k_H����W�r0�;���G#�T���T�1�2�(ǫ��,S��&(����ːtwK�Iu2w��b� \9�(Bt>SP���-��%�ƞ/X*���;�� ��q���_G&�2������R���Ɔ��t�oO���b�'�`H%�«��g`�ʫ�QA�=�ڔ+&�Z��w�~vPt Nc"�"@�S����,�yHR2p�F�3��v�|�B�e�]��1p�;�9�rZ�TU.�~p�����俇p�+�k4�fB�G Here’s how to develop and enhance your computer skills to become a more valuable employee and job candidate: If you get stumped or confused by a computer program, search online. More specifically, it can keep you apprised of your industry and applicable trending topics. 1{n�Ɯ��M���1? Identify what you need to learn. We will concentrate on the skills that will apply to many commonly used programs. Communication is a vital part of most workplaces. Build Your Skills. Here’s an example of highlighting computer literacy skills in the summary: “Collaborative and efficient business administrator who combines both analytical and communication skills to provide unique marketing strategies. Employees can easily connect with clients via email to share documents and important resources. For example, if you’re applying for a job as an office manager, you will likely be required to have a basic knowledge of word processing programs, spreadsheets, email platforms and other communication tools. Efficiency and productivity. Our Creative Minds® Computer Literacy Courses are created in-house and are carefully mapped to the latest official unit standards set by the SAQA. Also, there may be other employees in the office who have the same interest. Evaluate the skills needed and include each of these in your resume, if applicable. endobj Part of the responsibilities of this position will entail that you help us to build our social media … Setting goals can help you gain both short and long term achievements. ����(� �۠�<>X�� /��'mG����{#,_ �k�Q`�L��;5���#Yh�E�u/=L>I�9�g X��80�d�է`m,�a��Ѿ}rٮ�Z�/��� �|Wo Give it a try and all the best in your upcoming interview. Print the Computer Skills Checklist. Internet Familiarity & Safety. 1 0 obj }�A�q@^��.�q030te`��@^�OD- Learning how to search for specific subjects can help enhance your knowledge of well, everything. Companies will trick you and the last thing you see is a computer full … Microsoft Word or Google Docs: If you hold a basic office position, you will likely need to type memos or project plans. !�qp6 (basic, intermediate, proficient) with specific types of software applications to enable them to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information. This guide will help you determine what workplace skills you need to be computer literate and how to highlight them for future employers. Depending on your role, supervisors and team members may expect you to type memos, build reports, track data or give presentations. $ �"����i�U-b�/S!��T�d�*\K�Qŋ�F. Find a Northstar location where you can access classes and learning resources. Topics to be covered include: Hardware Basics, Windows Basics, and working with text. If you want to learn specific software systems or skills and can’t find the info online, enroll in those educational courses, in-person or as a part of an online curriculum. ... works as well as study productivity programs which will be very useful in developing your social and professional skills. You may be asked to help your company build awareness through liking, sharing or commenting on its social campaigns. Description. Computer literacy means you know how to use a computer to perform basic tasks such as operating the basic software systems, platforms and other computer programs commonly used in the workplace. Computer Literacy is defined as the knowledge and ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, with skill levels ranging from elementary use to computer programming and advanced problem solving. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, Active Listening Skills: Definition and Examples, Improving Your Computer Literacy: Everything You Need to Know, Technical Skills: Definitions and Examples. They can be further subdivided into hardware and software skills. Completing the Northstar Digital Literacy assessments can help you identify areas in which you need further education. Examples of computer literacy skills Basic computer skills. Unit 1: Basic Computer Skills. In most office environments today, employees relay information through in-person discussions, as well as through email and online messaging platforms. Basic Computer Skills. We use a conversational and non-technical way to introduce the introductory skills that you will need to develop in order to become comfortable with accessing and using computer programs. Turn the Computer on (show on LCD) Log on with a user name and password (if applicable) Print the handouts from the attachments below; Print the Learning Log. To improve computer literacy, the learners are introduced to and use Windows and Chrome programs. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 28 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> K7�=�|�>=W�k��Lk+��s�d���W#*oj2f}��le*|l�fv~��l��.07 {�ӎ��a)ـ����G+}�{��f�&,���ij�� ސ,2�)Z�׭���. There are a number of reasons its important to have a basic understanding of computers: Computers are everywhere. Preferred computer literacy skills can often vary depending on your workplace and role. Graphic Design & Word Processing. MCSE certifications. Linkedin. The term is always evolving based on the latest improvements in computer technology. Saving, attaching and sending files is often associated with using this platform as well. Here are some examples of computer literacy skills that may be used in your workplace: If it’s your first experience in an office role and you haven’t worked with technology in the past, start with basic computer skills. G7H��� ��t��2 ���k�������\k�{�AX%Ӓ-�`X[�B�k��� Q���1�lac��Ή��5'Q]��@�X�� �{�}�U�]M≒�'����y�uG�z��Ү{D�X;FF�y TǛ+a�h�"���`��tD1^����k�v�ջ u����JQ� ��B�m| cYƊ�g~,��)�]Vg�z��� ,���.�eB��ϲ3���fW���)|�TF��G���Y�R�B1��!Gb� ��TI�e�g���=}?���p�H_�ϳ�τ;>� ��1�[���NmxV��O�d\�DxD-������g,#\���䅥�4L�͔� %PDF-1.5 The public can access the following units freely, right now: Basic Computer Skills – Email – Microsoft Word – Career Search Skills. Having a foundational understanding of computers makes it easier to learn more advanced concepts and programs, as needed by a company. With the assistance of your HR manager, you may need to learn how to access this payroll system to retrieve necessary documents, clock in and out of shifts, and set up direct deposit payments. <> Almost every workplace requires computers to complete at least a small portion of daily tasks. Beginning Computer Literacy ARC Workshop . You’re likely not the only person to have encountered the issue. ������?�Ͱ�ѥ��O�jC��ﰊa�ʽr���6vi����k 2 0 obj Note: It has questions based on Windows 7 and older. Click here. Leadership might be more willing to pay for these kinds of resources if they know there is a general need for them. �1P�P��E�gl+Q�!X�p���'��>��u�O�����'�$�w��D��^�Odr��nMK����ѵC���ݭ������z��� )5pZ'������7���Y���Mm����9��A��b` These useful active listening examples will help address these questions and more. With basic computer literacy skills, you can diagnose and fix simple computer issues on your own. 'S+x����8*X��3���f�YAyz�콭.E��d9����;���:x�T��4ww8hG��~�W����PB+M������^H���M�7Ԙp�?�)� {��6� ��i������?�B�G�n�!r�>�ka2�||���j�C�U�(qVa�^��k�h�ş�z��T-��\Eb�%�@1@u��ZX�o��jf�a���ʸ{i���|��HHWGL U��'��٠�L~^wDm_�q�vL%�@�P�T�f6���-�@�M�]u�7ȍ�Dx���N"1|D�d�E�`�7w��� �>�p�vMI;zŃ�Ӊ���ϔF�]s��`.�v�-����Z�Ɣd�!�Ab�^�1��I?U-TZ=4Č|�jR��V���ת���5�b}9��,�^���R�C�}~�vfȬJ��@�]�I.���Z�� Microsoft Developer. The types of computer skills employers expect will vary depending on your career or industry. Having basic computer literacy skills makes it easier to complete everyday items and increases productivity. %���� Whether you work in an office, a grocery store, or a library, you will need basic computer skills – as almost all businesses employ some sort of computer system that … 4 0 obj This means employee hours and payment documents are stored online. This computer skills curriculum is designed for teaching computer skills, MS programs, and Social Media awareness to adult learners. Your Name. The quiz below covers the basics of what you are most likely to be asked. Students improve their basic literacy skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as their computer literacy skills, when they use computers to learn.Student-centered, project-based learning using the computer allows students to enhance their transferable work skills. These skills will enable the health care professional to use computer equipment and programs in use in today’s health care industry. Here are the common programs and how you can use them in the office: Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides: If your position requires presenting ideas or strategies, you will likely be expected to present on a slideshow. Building computer skills, and being able to prove these skills to employers, can improve job-seeking success. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. (���Q�(������6�(� ك8+�(Z�[ qV���S�O�u̧S��mR����\���%G�l�d�zU�k�Y��@~�� �M [��2�N�2�K�(U&>.?��)�z�t�?�$�?�)&�%X�pim��ѤR���)ȟF�D����p���ᆥ*��/p���͇/�1�f����s��-�.�C�R���ߨ. Analytical writing is a powerful skill. Tradesmen who work with their hands are also more likely to struggle using a computer … Computer Basic Skills Microsoft Windows PCs We use a conversational and non-technical way to introduce the introductory skills that you will need to develop in order to become comfortable with accessing and using computer programs. Without a computer at home to practice on, an individual must rely on schools and libraries and may end up with less developed skills as a consequence. Basic Computer Literacy. Ask around. Visit for our text-based lesson. Your supervisor or HR manager may be able to connect you with the tools to help you learn more, such as workshops, specialized training, and conferences. Most likely, you only have so much free time that you can dedicate … Often, there are many step-by-step articles online that will help you resolve the problem easily. Employees can produce more in a shorter amount of time, freeing up resources to do more. In our free online computer literacy courses, learn how the internet can connect you to people, information, and resources around the world. Not only will you achieve a better, implementable knowledge of these computer skills and software; but you will also likely have an instructor on-hand to field questions you might have. The odds are strong that your students know about the Internet already … Computer Skills List. Topics to be covered Click here. Practicing and researching different formulas may help accurately track your data in Excel. When you find a computer skill or program you want to learn but don’t have the resources, talk to the leadership in your office. Each module aligns with the corresponding Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment. Spreadsheets & Databases. Personal computers are simply not affordable for everyone, especially low-income families. Typing Word Processing Electronic File Management Emailing Internet Research Presentations Graphic Editing Spreadsheets MS ... Hardware. Worried your experience with computers won't be up to university standard? In addition, CCC course material is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy program for the common man and student. While creative writing may be a bit of an inherent … This simulation measures knowledge of general computer terminology, processes, and applications and the ability to perform certain operations in a simulated environment resembling the actual application. Educating yourself on these basic computer skills can prepare you for hands-on computer demands in the workplace. List them in your experience as well as in the summary or objective. S�J�g]��[��Y���HAKBuF��D��������1)�~Ej��O vOu��Khj� M-�oI�`������#�4�8�I���?� ����(�� KlF���aX����i��~���>�Rݑa�B��#�qNTb0��u֣$� �-���&�#c*e��:#L�{+�LYy�5|�87i%| ���Q+��@�T�cZ��Uw��fp��F��|��R�Wa�]d|4.R��}.��ڽ?�#�]������ Foundational value. Here’s how to identify which style works best for you, and why it’s important for your career development. In most work environments, you’ll find that you have questions that can be answered quickly by entering them in a search engine. Another valuable component is understanding how computers work and operate. You’ll use basic typing skills to use this program. d_���c��������� You can set professional and personal goals to improve your career. Related: Technical Skills: Definitions and Examples. • Basic – Foundational computer literacy skills @BY_P�����]`���\��y����#��Ѐu.����uT�5��˯����N��-��l��yZx��o)�'kE8��/�î�]�����/7G�/�\yHDY%2�V��Oo>D�OYqؾ General Note •This workshop is designed for a system running Windows 7 •Other systems •Most of the basics remain the same, particularly on other Windows versions •Exact instructions may differ . Basic computer literacy. This page contains a list of basic computer skills and qualifications needed for a basic computer literacy and abilities to work with the most common software currently being used for office work. 9���Ӆ��t-��˒U��W}���x�\�S�R-$��%#\�6�& ���ƺ�5&C��ޥ�'��#��NF�e�P�#kk�� It may also be a matter of income. Related: Computer Skills: Definitions and Examples. Computer literacy helps enhance efficiency, workflow and overall experience within the workplace. �ɸh#�A62�C ��?w����?����W��agQpFO��֖���-��Vnt8&�nn�,$=f!��{�=�-K�2\��m������/�h1h���������,Y�֏q��U P~((=,��D�W���zw�6Q"�ÈҤ�TPVĒ�Q~ä��k���v�)m2}��m a˽CN|�H�T���5��3�df�6��GV��\������Ɩ b�Y�����A" Do you know the three types of learning styles? Related: 10 Best Skills to Include on a Resume. Let your teacher know what you want to learn. Your Number. Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets were the killer application that got a lot of people willing to pony up big … All classroom instructors and one-on-one tutors are expected to integrate technology into their lessons. All computers have two things in common, hardware and software. <> You can complete these tasks using Microsoft Office or GSuite programs. Basic computer knowledge and skills (for Windows users) - new for 2017; Office 2016, and 2010/2013 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook) Basic computer knowledge and skills (for Windows users) - up to 2017 Once you’ve become more confident in these current skills, learning new computer skills will become easier and less intimidating. Ensure that your candidate has the skills you need with the Basic Computer Literacy (Windows 10) test. Click here. J�k����#u�l�;�+��OE��$���9��e�n��i8� %V��2SKEo/�tkܽ����M׶�f�x@�;�ǍX )|���,����͟G��x# ô�.�Gz�p ��A&�����dI�m���0��Z����]bbkRm��r���j� jo����4!�()n�Ϡ�d���tg� For example, if your computer is showing network or connection errors, you may need to find your IP address, verify you’re connected to the network and attempt to reconnect. endobj �,��B"�i׏^���@�����c%t1I��XM��j��܍ ��dh�oo&e�I���'V�J���(z~}hMwF%��=� �2�g�;mt�]�9�A�1BNp]���X�*�A� What is active listening, why is it important and how can you improve this critical skill? Software. An Overview of Basic Computer Literacy Skills Basic Computer Skills In order to properly use a computer or computing device it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what a basic computer is and how it operates. Streamlined communication. ���9�t��ʁ��ċy�*�=������P�3��ĸ�p`Ie�����X��wq/f�)�����F�! Here’s an example of mentioning computer literacy skills in your work history: “Track customer data and maintain regular communication with customers using CRM software systems such as Salesforce and MailChimp.”. In many workplaces, payroll has gone digital. Even more crucial to your workplace value is your ability to search for information online. As you search for positions, you’ll notice hiring managers list specific skills in the job description. In an office environment, issues can often occur with your computer that don’t always require a call to IT. Knowledge of using social media is important.

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