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A knife inserted into the center of the pie should come out clean. That’s also the perfect time to add some fresh herbs to the top of the pie, to give visual clues about the delicious herb combinations hiding inside that luscious, creamy filling. I have never served or eaten ice cream with pumpkin pie, because it is a custard pie. Leaning into the “compare and contrast” column of side dishes, this cooling and citrusy spinach salad really hits the spot. Are you a vanilla purist? Also Italian, it's a sunny liqueur made from lemons in Sorrento. Its robust nuttiness and warm vanilla flavor are great with the pie's sugariness, while its … Ruby Port Pairing Chocolate pie... there's an Italian wine from Piedmont... Brachetto d'Acqui. Cheese and potato pie Serves 2 Preparation time less than 30 mins Cooking time 10 to 30 mins Ingredients 200g/7oz new potatoes, washed and sliced 2 tbsp olive oil 2 eggs, lightly beaten 110g/4oz stilton Method 1. A CPP is pretty much a self-contained and complete meal, is it not? Im going to use a Gordan Ramsay recipe from the Times where the standout flavors seem like lamb, worcestershire sauce,red wine, and thyme. Or, even some of that ready made crust dough that’s so readily available these days. I would probably serve Limoncello. Go and get the sweet and savory inspiration here: If you have leftovers, be sure to reheat your chicken pot pie in the oven to maintain your perfect crust with a insides that taste freshly baked. Crisp apple and pears cool the senses, while tart cranberries awaken them. Adrianna Adarme’s silky mashed potatoes will soak up the gravy from the main dish – and the potatoes come together quickly, leaving the stove top open for any other side dishes you’re craving. 2. And don’t forget the crudités! Serve carrots, celery, lightly-blanched green beans and broccoli, pea pods, and cherry tomatoes on a colorful platter with a creamy dip. It’s herbtastic! Everyone was desperate for savory or sour things and flutes were refilled and the beer vanished. Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers. Pumpkin spice isn’t just for coffee – it’s ideally for pumpkin pie! This German potato salad is wrapped in an apple cider vinaigrette that will make your taste buds vibrate with joy. When it comes to the lead-in, appetizer, warm up, start your chicken pot pie meal with a bang and not a whimper. But, everyday there seem to be new and exotic fruits in the produce aisle, so don’t be afraid to try something new. And when they’re sitting next to each other on the table, they create an unbelievably elegant presentation. sliced mushrooms, large eggs, extra virgin … What do you serve with Shepherds/Cottage pie? My Italian cooking maven, Anna Teresa Callen, brought my first one as a hostess gift when she knew I'd made a chocolate terrine for dessert. 5. Earlier we were discussing types of dough for the pot pie. Click here for the recipe: Click here for the deliciousness: It’s also loaded with fresh parsley which makes it beautiful on the plate. The sherry, rosemary, sage, and thyme create layers and layers of flavor that come together in a snap. Karrie over at Tasty Ever After walks readers through this tangy and scrumptious treat that plays beautifully with velvety and crispy chicken pot pie. It will be the icing on your Pie Party. Check the recipe out here: Cut some small slits in the top of the pie … This particular style of Port is a blend of good quality red grapes from a variety of vintages and has likely only seen a few years of wood aging prior to release. With all those options in mind, here are some thoughts for some lively side dishes to make the dinner table groan with color and flavor. White Russian would be nice, heavy on the white and light on the Russian. Then topped with a thick layer of creamy mashed potatoes and maybe a good covering of shredded cheese. I have to quote Cartman: "Punch and pie! When serving your cherry pie, it will be fine to serve it simply and plain, just warm it up a tad. Jen at Carlsbad Cravings gives readers step-by-step directions on how to make this seemingly complicated dish quickly and easily. Pumpkin pie tends to be very sweet and often a little bit spicy which means that it will overwhelm a lot of lighter dessert wines so you might as well go for broke and serve something equally luscious. Add the chicken, carrots, corn and peas to the saucepan and mix well with the milk mixture before pouring into the pie dish and topping with the second pie crust, sealing the edges. Serve slightly chilled (around 55-65°F). See the magic over at: As the old expression goes — Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze! The Paillard Rosé is predominantly a Pinot Noir sparkling … I don't have much around the house (except potatoes and I think that's starch overkill with the crust on the pies), so am pretty open to ideas. Should it be a smorgasbord of healthy salads and sides to offset the decadence of the pie? When pot pie is beckoning from the oven and you want to get sides pulled together quickly – this recipe for tart and savory cranberry sauce is just the right answer. You do not mention whether you will serve Greek spinach pie, Arabic (tangy spinach baked in a dough crusty), or even spinach quiche. And the vinegary notes contrast beautifully with the richness of the pot pie. A variety of vegetable dishes can be served with cheeseburger pie. This month we're catching up on two months so it's more of a party. But along with the baking and the sharing and the judging and the voting comes the eating—and that is often done best with a big scoop of ice cream on top. They’re light and would be the perfect way to ease into the meal. Stout or porter! And everyone has their favorite “go-to.”. Sweet potatoes really sing in this garlicy, herby, and buttery side dish. Anyway, I went with a crisp Prosecco and Guiness and a brown ale the pecan pie friend brought. Ground lamb, or beef, cooked with onions and maybe some peas or carrots and drenched in a rich gravy. I agree, pie is so delicious on it's own that I'm not sure what you could possibly enhance it with. Fruit pies are a favourite with practically everyone and compliment most main courses easily, particularly hearty fare like seared steaks, chili con carne and roasted chicken. It will be too late in the day for the tradition, coffee. Moscato d'Asti. For Food combines greens, oranges, berries, cheese, and nuts to create a feast for the eyes as well as the bowl. Creamy. Pour into pie crust. (In the summer who wouldn’t want to throw in a farm fresh leek, in lieu of a bland winter onion?). We have a few opinions…To be completely honest, I for one like my pie a la nothing. Savory broccoli and salty cheese, lightly kissed with lemon, makes a fantastic side to – well – pretty much anything. After all, pot pie already has a meat, vegetable and bread element. Bonus: You don’t need to toss those rainbow-hued stems either. Just cut it into 6 hearty pieces for your meal, or lower the fat/calories by cutting it into 8! … You could certainly use a ready made pie crust to make this pie. From there, you really can’t go wrong. We decided to have our meetings quarterly to get another selection of pies all at one time so I will recall these ideas in June! Have a nice dark beer. Yes, please! Whipped cream or even cool whip is good too. Just the words “chicken pot pie” evoke thoughts of creamy delicate goodness enveloping chicken, vegetables, and herbs – all wrapped in dough that’s been baked to crispy tender perfection. Call me crazy, but I like a nice Pinot Noir or Cab with a rich dessert, but again call me crazy. Using a ricer instead of masher gives the savory and buttery concoction its elegant texture. Or a champagne cocktail like a Kir Royale (the raspberry liquer would compliment both the chocolate and lemon without overpowering) or prosecco with a splash of St. Germian and a lemon peel. Could always go oatmeal stout, milk stout or a chocolate stout. Hmmm....well, Port actually pairs well with chocolate (especially dark chocolate,) so maybe also with the chocolate pie? So given this completeness, what would be a good thing to serve alongside a chicken pot pie? Hey pretty! 4. ), the America's Test Kitchen Chocolate Cream Pie, a bittersweet chocolate pie and, mine, the Lemon Meringue pie from Food52, which was crazy delicious. That way you get pie, ice cream and drink! Roasted or grilled asparagus is easy to prepare and makes a great side. And Stacie’s recipe for this vibrant roasted veggie and quinoa salad fits the bill. Don’t forget the opening act! And some even incorporate cheese in the mix for some dairy. So I'm serving individual meat pies for dinner tonight (I didn't make them, bought them at a church sale) and I am looking for a good side. No one mentioned brussel sprouts or you could just go with simple peas and carrots. What about cinnamon? Try milk stout—creamy, with a smooth finish. Apple Ice Wine (IE Neige) Sooooo tart and sweet and perfect with pastry, Bourbon pairs well with chocolate, as does a Porter or stout. How to Make Applesauce | The Stay At Home Chef, The Ultimate Garlic Bread With Roasted Garlic by Rockin Robin, What to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie: Our Lip-smacking List, rotisserie chicken cooked with frozen vegetables,,,,,,,,,,,, How to Customize Your Brew Perfectly without a Hassle, Top Foods Stored in Your Kitchen that Can Attract Pests, 6 Reasons Why You Need a Quality HVAC System for Your Kitchen, What Goes with Chicken Wings: 13 Unforgettable Sides, What to Serve with Lasagna - 13 Sides You'll Love, What to Serve with Tuna Steaks - 15 Tasty Options. Red, sparkling. So what boozy drink could we serve that would be good with these sweet things? The citrus vinaigrette is a wonderful contrast to the rich pot pie – and who can resist the combination of fruit and balsamic vinegar? Traditional dishes call for a whole chicken to be cooked in a pot, whereas others call for shredded rotisserie chicken cooked with frozen vegetables. Check out the recipe here: Check it out here: It’s one of the most versatile dishes that a cook will have in their repertoire. Well, a group of friends and I are baking our way through it - a pie a month. Throw them right into the pan. I’d agree with replies about vegetables, it’s the sort of dish that naturally goes with whatever boiled vegetables you like.

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