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We will get you to the right place, at the right time optimizing a clean Elk shot. Elk hunt period 1. The calendar tells us when hunting in Michigan begins, but our instincts already know. Historically, elk were found in southern Michigan but had disappeared by the late 1800’s due to unregulated harvest and market hunting. Another of the things that makes our Elk Hunting Lodge so exciting, for those coming from Michigan to our expansive 283 acre ranch in Ohio, is whether you are a beginner or a pro; Rocky Fork Whitetails diverse and expansive ranch always makes it unforgettable. Michigan • This action-packed "Cast and Blast" Grouse Hunt and Fishing package is conducted in the game rich Western Upper Peninsula (U.P.) An abundant number of beautiful trophy bucks roam the ranch and we provide premiere ground and elevated deer blinds that are … Can’t wait to book another hunt next year. The Greens are a blast to hang out with and made my hunt an incredible experience. The lodge also has a large wrap around deck that is great for relaxing after a long day of Elk Hunting Lodge, enjoying the view of our 160 wooded acres. Create a subscription to get offers with the same destination and species. {{ model.tourPrice.totalPrice | currency:"":0 }}. 2018 Michigan Elk Hunt during the Late season which runs twelve days during the Month of December. Your guided Elk Hunting Lodge centered in the majestic hills of Ohio will be Elk Hunting Lodge and Rocky Fork Whitetails is here to make sure you have Elk Hunting Lodge stories to tell when you get home! However, due to the commercial market hunting of the 1800s, they were estimated to be extinct by 1875. With millions of acres of land open to the public for hunting, the opportunity to hunt and Please check dates and other parameters in the left panel. You will take home to Michigan some great pictures of your Elk Hunting Lodge experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. An eight-year-old girl has set a Michigan record for being the youngest person ever to hunt an elk after she downed a female with a rifle from more than 200 yards. Elk Network More Michigan Residents Turn to Hunting General | November 9, 2020. Our reputation of providing lifetime memories and exceptional service is well documented. 360 inches and over are priced per elk. This special is for a cow elk hunt. If fact we deliver on your Elk Hunting Lodge you have always dreamed about. Baiting Recovery rate is 100% for the last 10 years. Our Bed and Breakfast sits on 160 acres in NE Licking County, deep in the beauty of Ohio. No Hassle At least that seems to be the case in Michigan. Rocky Fork Whitetails specializes in large and corporate groups. Hunts are 2 full days with a $250 a night lodge fee every day after that until harvest is successful. You’ll have a Elk Hunting Lodge like no other when you choose Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio. In the off season our 5 Star Lodge becomes a Bed and Breakfast. 320 to 360 inches = $7,000 Hunting From a Blind |, 5 Star Lodging (Click for more info on our Ohio Ranch and lodge). Select dates and other parameters of your hunt and make a reservation. The property is approximately 5.5 miles from Newark, Ohio and 34 miles to I-270. Our company We hunt on over a million acres of some of the finest grouse habitat in the country! Rocky Fork Whitetail6529 Fallsburg Rd NE • Newark, OH 43055, (410) 984-8680  •, Copyright © 2020 | Rocky Fork Whitetail. Enter to win a prize package that includes licenses for Spring and Fall Turkey, Antlerless Deer, Bear, Elk, and first pick at a Managed Waterfowl Hunt Area! This special is for a cow elk hunt. De-boning of your harvest along with an on site taxidermist (additional charge). We specialize in trophy elk hunts ranging from 250 inches to 360+ inches. Because Rocky Fork Whitetails is the top choice for outfitters of all ages and skill levels coming from Michigan we work hard to make sure you have the most exciting Elk Hunting Lodge in the Ohio area. Muzzleloader, Hunting season: The prices below are for general information only and subject to change with or without notice. In October 2018, … During the summer, elk eat almost constantly, consuming between 4 and 7 kilograms (8.8 and 15.4 lb) of vegetation daily. Have a little downtime between Elk Hunting Lodge? Our Bed and breakfast here at Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio provides just the right setting to give you all this and more. (additional cost apply) Want more still? The lodge is top notch! of Michigan. From that reintroduction, the number of animals grew steadily to about 1,500 elk in the early 1960s. When you journey from Michigan to Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio, every Elk Hunting Lodge is ALL INCLUSIVE: Our concierge style services also offer pick up to and from the Columbus, Ohio airport when you fly in from Michigan. RELATED: DNR acquires 2,000-acre elk herd range in Northern Michigan for $3.8M The Natural Resources Commission and the DNR set license … Maybe the crackle of the fire as you tell your Elk Hunting Lodge stories and share memories with friends in Michigan? Below is a news release from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.. A vintage 1984-1998 second issued Michigan elk hunting patch. The state’s current management plan calls for a winter elk population of 500 to 900 animals in the Northern Lower Peninsula. Youth Hunting There are no pin holes. We are located in Michigan's beautiful thumb region, the heart of big buck country. We especially like to welcome the ladies to our Elk Hunting Lodge sport in Ohio. RELATED: Father, son accused of poaching elk, other game at Northern Michigan hunting camps Conservation officers followed up on the tip. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit due upon booking. Michigan’s elk herd is a wildlife management success story made possible by many hunters, individuals, and organizations who work to maintain a place for this species.If we explore the history, elk were found in southern Michigan but had disappeared by the late 1800s due to unregulated harvest and market hunting.In 1918, Our unique combination of Elk Hunting Lodge experience and conditions guarantee an exciting Elk Hunting Lodge. All ages and skill levels welcome for the Elk Hunting Lodge of a lifetime! A second elk hunting season will run Dec. 12 to 20 for the 160 hunters who drew tags during that weighted lottery. An abundant number of beautiful trophy bucks roam the ranch and we provide premiere ground and elevated deer blinds that are both comfortable and productive. No Time Limit No Trophy Fees We have 22 custom Amish made beds in the main lodge. Followed by the peace and relaxation that only our 5 star lodge nestled in the hills of Ohio can offer. {{ model.tourPrice.totalPriceWithDiscount | currency:"":0 }}, US$ If the deer or elk draws blood you have filled your tag every effort will be made to find your animal. 2018 marked the 100-year celebration of elk in Michigan! Looking for an Elk Hunting Lodge in the Michigan area? Home / Elk Network / General / More Michigan Residents Turn to Hunting. Michigan's native elk disappeared around 1875. So forget those Michigan area hunts, come home to the Ohio Elk Hunting Lodge experience that only Rocky Fork Whitetails can deliver! We are located in Michigan's beautiful thumb region, the heart of big buck country. We take your Elk Hunting Lodge experience and turn it into your Elk Hunting Lodge dream, with a knowledgeable staff of Elk Hunting Lodge expertise; that will insure you the greatest experience you will ever have in Elk Hunting Lodge. In 1918, with the new concepts of conservation, several Rocky Mountain Elk were released into northern Michigan in the hopes that they would establish a new herd. Today's elk herd dates back to 1918, when seven western animals were released near Wolverine. Elk hunting season comes twice a year in Michigan. US$ In December, hunters tromp through snow in search of an elk. There are often ranches and public areas where hunters are free to hunt for elk with a specially issued license. High Seat Accessible Hunting ; Pure Michigan Hunt . From the second I got there till I left was an experience I’ll never forget. We do not charge trophy fees or place time limits and we are always available to guide our visitors at no additional cost. Today’s elk herd is a result of seven elk brought from the western United States and relocated to Wolverine, Michigan in 1918. Bow Hunting This fall, when you’re looking to get away, take a trip up to the Pigeon River Country State Forest near Gaylord and see if you can catch a glimpse of a Michigan’s majestic elk! Rocky Fork Whitetails offers activities such as: 2 stocked ponds for fishing, ATV rides PLUS local pheasant, duck and trap shooting. Pure Michigan’s wild elk herd is flourishing, with over 1,000 elk living in an 105,000-acre area in the northeast Lower Peninsula. We take pride in the time and care we take teaching the first time Elk hunter from Michigan. Forums > Michigan Hunting > Out of state hunts > Montana elk 2020 Discussion in ' Out of state hunts ' started by Fool'em , Oct 13, 2020 . Welcome to the 2020 Michigan Elk Hunt Orientation. Our highly skilled guides make sure to custom curtail your Ohio Elk Hunting Lodge adventure to make sure you experience the thrill of the hunt. Disabled friendly Success rates continue to be high for Michigan elk hunters. This is a video of his successful fair-chase hunt. The Trophy Elk Ranch is over 4000 acres with several miles of high fence, this ensures quality management and gives you the chance to harvest the trophy elk of a lifetime. This provides a indescribable immersion in the beautiful wooded area. Take a Elk and be featured on our website! We are simply the best place for Whitetail Deer, Elk, Mule Deer, Red Stag, Ram, Mouflon Rams, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Black Buck and other challenging and exciting hunting experiences in Ohio; or anywhere else. Deposits are 20% non refundable down before the time of your hunt to reserve your dates. We offer full accomodations with our hunt packages including food lodging, field dressing, and our guides. No matter what level of Elk Hunting Lodge experience you have, we will customize a Elk Hunting Lodge to meet your skills. We know your Elk Hunting Lodge will be the adventure of a lifetime. Hunt period 1: Sept. 1 - Sept. 4, Sept. 18-21, Oct. 2 - Oct. 5, management unit X (map) Hunt period 2: Dec. 12-20, management units H, I, X (map) Hunt period 3: Jan. 13-17, 2021, this hunt period will be held only if additional harvest is needed to achieve population management goals after hunt periods 1 and 2. Rocky Fork Whitetails can even accommodate any special physical or dietary needs for your ultimate Elk Hunting Lodge. Thank you all! A final elk season will be held Jan. 13 to 17 if the population management goals haven’t been met during the earlier two hunting seasons. Because at Rocky Fork Whitetails, we offer the biggest and best Elk Hunting Lodge just up the road in Ohio. Be sure to ask about special packages. Processing for whitetail is $75 and processing for elk is $200 Stitches or glue marks present. We maintain high quality ground and elevated blinds that are both comfortable and productive. The early elk season is designed to target elk outside of their traditional range over the course of 12 days. Hunting on the Ohio area’s best Elk Hunting Lodge acreage, you can leave your problems at home in Michigan and experience the excitement and the relaxation that Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio offers. (Easy trip) The guide was excellent and the deer were magnificent!! Alvin Sitkiewicz guides two lucky Elk drawing recipients during the Late Elk season in Michigan. This orientation is for hunters who were drawn successful for Hunt Period 2. There are great trails for those who like to hike during the off season of hunting. At the Rocky Fork Whitetails in Ohio we want to promote and encourage future Elk hunters from the Michigan area and beyond, welcoming them into our brotherhood of Elk outdoorsmen. Moreover, the wildlife can freely move in and out of the property on its Eastern border. We have hundreds of acres that include open fields, swamps and forest habitat. There simply is not better place in Ohio, or anywhere else to learn the sport that from the experienced guides at Rocky Fork Whitetails. 280 to 320 inches = $6,000 The 6 night 5 day semi-guided trip is conducted at our Lake Gogebic Lodge and can be taken September 15 – October 30th. Please contact for details 250 to 280 inches = $4,500 Your facebook and instagram page will be full of exciting Elk Hunting Lodge memories that will have you asking one key question: “When can I go back!”. We maintain high quality ground and elevated blinds that are both comfortable and productive. This patch was issued by MCCC in 1999 to recognize hunters and supporters of Michigan's elk program. We offer many Elk Hunting Lodge and other hunting adventures: Whitetail Deer Elk Mule Deer Red Stag Ram Mouflon Rams Axis Deer Fallow Deer Sika Deer Black Buck was established in 2000 and operates in 1 territory. Young or old there is no age limit, if you can shoot with accuracy at a moderate distance you will net a good sized Elk; in fact, we guarantee it. During the first hunt period of the elk season, which has concluded, 83 state hunters harvested elk (29 bulls, 52 cows and two calves), and two Pure Michigan Hunt winners harvested bulls. Most of Michigan’s elk are located in Pigeon River Country State Forest, which are managed by the state. Whether it’s COVID-related or not, it seems more people are heading to the woods in a quest to fill their freezers with meat. Elk Hunting Lodge enthusiast know that we provide the highest quality guided Elk Hunting Lodge available for the modern day Elk Hunting Lodge trophy hunter. Guided Rifle Hunting Looking for a little get away? We offer many Elk Hunting Lodge and other hunting adventures: Take home to Michigan those memories that will fuel a lifetime of storytelling about your Elk Hunting Lodge in Ohio at Rocky Fork Whitetails. Michigan Elk hunting on Public land in Northern Michigan. Interested in this hunt? Attracting hunters and enthusiasts from Michigan and beyond, a Elk Hunting Lodge at Rocky Fork Whitetails is the ultimate location for the most insane Elk Hunting Lodge in Ohio; or anywhere else. An eight-year-old girl has set a Michigan record for being the youngest person ever to hunt an elk, after she downed a female elk with a rifle from more than 200 yards. Our Bed and breakfast is backed up to a majestic view of our property where you have just enough of the comfort of home while nestled in the surrounding woods. Listed below is the 6-part video series containing the necessary information for completing the orientation. Rocky Fork Whitetails on Ohio is dedicated to the exciting Elk Hunting Lodge and hunters from Michigan love to come and experience that only Ohio can offer. The elk is a large animal of the ungulate order Artiodactyla, possessing an even number of toes on each foot, similar to those of camels, goats and cattle.It is a ruminant species, with a four-chambered stomach, and feeds on grasses, plants, leaves and bark. 15 Aug 2020 - 1 Jan 2021. Hunting is a time-honored tradition that calls enthusiasts of all ages to head for the woods and waters for the chance to track whitetail deer, elk, bear, turkey, grouse, waterfowl and other wildlife. Hunt period 1, which targets elk outside of their traditional range, was 12 days long, running Aug. 27-30, Sept. 13-16 and Sept. 27-30. • Buck Pole Deer Ranch • Thunder Hills Ranch • Buck Trail Ranch, LLC Guided services are available free of charge We have hundreds of acres that include open fields, swamps and forest habitat.

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