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$ 1.50. Mochi. Shop Now! Sold by Quality & Fashion and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Enter your search keyword ... Tomatsu, Purin Daifuku, Pudding Mochi, Bite-size, 91g Japan. Out of stock. Skip to main content. $3.40 + $9.00 Shipping. Yaokin Umaibo Halloween Corn Potage Snack Stick Set - 5 pcs. Tirol Chocolate - Matcha Mochi. 35+ sold. From Japan +C $6.03 shipping. This chocolatey treat is aptly named as it indeed packs a crunchy wallop! We have two more Yaokin gummies for you this month! Get 10 full-sized Japan-Exclusive Snacks from this box! Shop by category. Weight: 34g Manufacturer: Yaokin … $ 1.50. Kinako is roasted soybean flour that is most commonly used with dango and Japanese mochi treats, or … As you may already know, Umaibo is a corn puff snack bar with a slightly hard texture manufactured by Riska and sold by Yaokin, which comes in many unique flavors. ... Tirol Chocolate Matcha Mochi. Mochi is a traditional food which is available all year-round and also in special occasions. A … Browse our inventory and order online today! 63 Item (s) When it comes to snacking or tasting something new, one of the first places that comes to mind is the Japanese market Mitsuwa Marketplace. Limited Edition so act fast! We've chosen only the best and most talk-about snacks from Japan. If most of daifuku is filled with red bean paste, but this cream daifuku is filled with a halal-certified delicious cream. Mochi are made at home or purchased in blocks from supermarkets. Don Taro Udon Snack. Yaokin Umaibo Lemon Snack Set - 5 pcs. From United States. Sent straight from Japan to your door! Yaokin Kinoko Stick Kinako is one of the most uniquely Japanese flavors I can think of. Yaokin Umaibo Chocolate — "Known commonly as a puffed corn treat, Umaibo is an extremely popular snack in Japan as it comes in many different flavours. Milk chocolate creamat the center of marshmallow. 48 … Plaza Japan is the leading online retailer of authentic Japanese anime action figures, plastic scale model kits, toys, puzzles, and more. ... Yaokin Roll Candy Strawberry & Green Apple. The Yaokin Umaibo puffed corn snack is very tasty, and this is a Tokyo Area Limited Edition version. Est. $ 2.50. Weight: 34g A decadent little snack that's not only tasty but filling! Popular brands include Glico, Meiji, Hi-Chew, Pretz, Milky, Puccho, Nestle KitKat, Lotte, and more. Manufacturer: Yaokin, Availability: Choco Kinako Mochi DIY. Matcha Mochi is a very delicious combination of sticky rice cake and green tea powder. | This tasty chocolate snack is a mochi snack with a coating of chocolate and a nutty almond chocolate filling. It also contains a slim amount of alcohol to keep the quality of mochi. See more ideas about Chewy candy, Chewy, Japanese candy. $ 1.50. New Listing Yuki & Love Boba Milk Tea Mochi Daifuku - US Seller. C $4.46 to C $12.84. Mochi-taro Rice Cracker Yamato Aji Curry (Tastey Curry Snack) "Ninjin" (Puffed Grain Snack with Carrot Shaped Bag) Atari MAEDA's Cracker (Bite-sized Simple Snack) Atari MAEDA's Cricket (Bite-sized Simple Biscuit) Umaibo (Shrimp Mayonnaise) Umaibo (Corn Potage) Umaibo (Cheese) Umaibo (Mentai ) Chocolate Daifuku Marshmallow Kuppi Ramune Tablet ... Buy It Now. $ 3.90, Now only Thus, all their packaging is colorful and features a variety of cute characters! $ 2.90. All Rights Reserved, Starbucks Japan: Holiday 2020 Red Embossed Holly Tumbler, Starbucks Japan: Pegasus Mug & Snow Globe 89ml, Pokémon Center SHIBUYA: Snorlax Graffiti Artist T-Shirt, Pokémon Center SHIBUYA: Charizard Graffiti Artist T-Shirt. Such a lovely and relaxing treat. Kyoshin Mandarin Orange Mochi Candies. It's popular to toast mochi and serve with kinako on top. Aug 6, 2019 - Japanese Candies & Snacks @ This chocolatey treat is aptly named as it indeed packs a crunchy wallop! Chocolate Marshmallow. Extremely deluxe, filling, and most importantly delicious! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These little puffs of goodness are packed with rich chocolate. Yaokin Choco-Hit Flake Crispy Chocolate Snack. Shop by category. This DIY kit is a little bit more simple! This particular edition is coated in creamy smooth chocolate. The cream is … The marshmallow isn't gooey at all but kind of melts in your mouth if you don't chew it. This item: Island Princess Choco Mochi Chocolate Covered Japanese Rice Crackers 1.5 Lb $23.05 ($0.96 / 1 Ounce) Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Out of stock. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. A very original Japanese sweet that will surely impress you. Nice chocolate snack. Express yourself through Japanese culture. Brand New. Sold Out. It is a small and squishy ball encircling a creamy kinako core and sprinkled with kinako powder on the outside. Yaokin Choco-Hit Flake Crispy Chocolate Snack. Out of stock. Since being founded in 1960, their goal has always been to make people happy through innovative treats. Each piece has that satisfying “saku saku” or crispy crunchiness covered in sweet chocolate goodness. Japan Candy Box. Halal cream daifuku is made from chewy mochi filled with sweet cream in four flavors; strawberry, matcha, mango, and cafe au lait. Mochi are a Japanese rice cake made by pounding a sticky type of Japanese rice known as mochiko with a mallet. The mouthwatering Umaibo snacks are one of their most popular products.

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