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Zombie Horde Decklist. DMCA requests | For those of you unfamiliar, Horde Magic was introduced around the Innistrad block as a new casual format focused on co-operative gameplay. If multiple permanent cards would be put into The Horde's graveyard from the battlefield at the same time, put them in that graveyard at random. By BitterestPine Created Dec 21, 2017 Updated Dec 21, 2017. An 8/8 Unbreathing Horde , Vengeful Dead , Undead Warchief , Death Baron , Waning Wurm , Cackling Fiend , Severed Legion , and Infectious Horror all piled onto the battlefield, with haste and big boosts to boot. See rule 7 of the Dead: Tokens owned by The Horde and originating from its deck are considered as "cards" for the purpose of this game. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. should be treated as a vanilla 2/2 black Zombie token, and Tokens are always weaker than other cards. In some cases, the strength of your playgroup may necessitate some changes to the rules in order to keep the maximum challenge. by Stefouch, Anje Beyond Madness Have fun! The objective is for the allied team to survive and eliminate the threat of the horde. If some portion of the game-play is unfun or not working well within the rules of Horde Magic, it is generally accepted practice to come to a consensus as to what works best for t… (e.g. With this in mind, you also want to avoid any spells that require the Horde to choose a target. This revised Zombie Horde Deck led by Mikaeus will garnish some playtesting over the next month or so to determine if it is truly “unbeatable”. MTG Arena THB | Liliana Zombies! Shuffle all the concerned cards before putting them on top of The Horde's library. Yes, this is a 20-power attack with Menace, be prepared for! (If this card is revealed during The Horde's Unleashing at the start of its turn, the cycling ability is activated after all other cards have been cast and all tokens have been put onto the battlefield.) Wave cards are symbolized by Swamp cards or Poison counter cards. Shuffle the Loot deck and set it aside near the Survivors. For added difficulty, you may allow The Horde to put as many cards from the Environment deck as there are Wave cards already unveiled. Horde Magic was originally themed around zombies and representing the Zombie Apocalypse. If The Horde would be dealt non-combat damage, instead it mills that many cards. Many people liken the format to Archenemy, except without a pilot for the Archenemy deck. The goal of Horde Magic is to survive the onslaught of Zombies. It should contains between 30 and 50 artifact cards with flavor related to role-playing games. Bone Harvest / Gravepurge: The Horde always chooses all creatures, tokens included. There is no player for the horde deck; it will play automatically. The goal is to survive with your friends against an onslaught of rampaging undead. It's immune to "you lose" effects (e.g. After all, this format is at its most fun when the matches are nail-biters! But by Stefouch. Deck Boxes Magic: The Gathering Deck Boxes Pokemon Deck Boxes Yu-Gi-Oh! The Horde has infinite mana of all colors and types, and an infinite hand size, at all times. The horde will only cast spells once per turn, at the start of the turn. Since it'll be rotating soon, it's now or never. Challenger Decks (MTG) Clash Packs (MTG) Commander Decks (MTG) Duel Decks (MTG) Event Decks (MTG) Intro Decks (MTG) Theme Decks (MTG) Tournament Decks (MTG) Planechase Decks (MTG) 1 Description 2 Decklist 3 How to play 3.1 Multiplayer option 4 References The Challenge Deck is a special self-running deck … Horde Magic is a casual, multiplayer variant of Magic: the Gathering involving all players working cooperatively to defeat an automated deck. Make sure all of your creatures have the Zombie subtype, minus a few that may fit the theme well (for example, I added Erebos, God of the Dead, because, c'mon, God of the Dead.) The Horde doesn't lose life (See rule 3 of the Dead). Secondly, you want a good mix of "bombs" and "fizzles". Shuffle The Horde's deck and separate it into a number of piles equals to the number of Survivors. Other tribal options included kithkin (hobbits) and dwarves • If The Horde has to choose one of its noncreature permanent, it chooses one with the lower converted mana cost. Flashbacked spells are cast in increasing converted mana cost order. Ever since Shadows over Innistrad, Zombies have been trying to break into tier 1 Standard decks to relatively low success.These slower tribal decks didn't have the tools to hang with or race powerful decks such as Mardu Vehicles or Copy Cat. Army of the Damned, Twilight's Call, ...) and the number of flop cards (e.g. • If The Horde has to choose one of its creature, it chooses its weakest creature based on its Power value. Multiplayer 5 COMMENTS | If this card is sent to the GY: You can banish 1 Zombie monster from your GY, except "Gozuki", Special Summon 1 Zombie monster from your hand. If it's a creature token, it is set aside and this process repeats until a nontoken card is revealed. Instead, it cycles it as soon as possible. (Including those revealed during this process. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Lord of the Rings themed. Army of the Damned: If that spell was cast during The Horde's First Main phase, The Horde flashbacks that spell on its next turn's Second Main phase. Multiplayer ), The Horde plays with its hand revealed and casts cards from it as soon as possible. The theme of the deck is zombies. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Cool format, Commander Decks I Like, interesting, Other Formats, ZAMBIES, stuff I like that is cheap, Decks I've Made for Casual, Casual, Decks to keep in mind, New Game Ideas, Interesting, Decks foda!! Avg Price $148.25. If a card originating from the Environment deck would leave the battlefield, instead put in on the bottom of that deck. My friends and I tried out two different Horde decks recently and we were very disappointed with how easy it was. Number: SR07-EN038 Rarity: Common Attribute /Card Type: TRAP /Normal Trap Card EARTH Zombie/Effect Monster A / D: 1700 / 800 Description: During your Main Phase: You can send 1 Zombie monster from your Deck to the GY. 2498 VIEWS Eventually the deck will run out of cards and you’ll be able to breath sight of relief. Cards included in Horde's decks should be thematic as well as work within the rules. If a player would have multiple Combat phases in one turn, they may choose a different combat effect from the previous choice. The goal of Horde Magic is to survive the onslaught of Zombies. My own loot deck contains also proxified P9 artifacts and some Hero cards from Theros. At least 60% of The Horde's deck should be Zombie tokens. 2019 Holiday Exchange! This is a replacement effect and therefore no damage is dealt to The Horde. The Environment deck contains ~15 powerful cards used by The Horde that are either enchantments or emblems. Take a look at what other community members have created; SCORE: 87 | Keywords. They can change zone as any other Magic cards. Share. As if on cue, the Horde deck hit another Zombie token and the called shot Twilight's Call. Shop at great prices for [YGO] Zombie Horde only at Set The Survivors' life total to 60 for a 4-players game. Try to balance the ratio between the quantity of game-breaking cards (e.g. | IN 59 FOLDERS, SCORE: 7 | These are brainless zombies, so all they need to do is enter the battlefield, attack, and then die! Oct. 29, 2015. Then put back all Horde's piles together to form a deck without shuffling it furthermore. (The Horde shouldn't have to target anything but if it does it typically chooses the target at random unless specified. 41 COMMENTS | can instantly win the game for your team or permanently lock down the Horde deck. Deck Boxes Sleeves Magic: The Gathering Sleeves Pokemon Sleeves Yu-Gi-Oh! Dread Wanderer is the other 1-drop Zombie these decks wanted. (See rule 5 of the Dead.). 13 COMMENTS | These Minotaurs are named things like Mogis’s Chosen and Altar of Mogis, which gives the deck a fantastic, Mogis-inspired feel. !, i want, Special Rules, random cool decks and stuff, Casual, Cool theme decks, Horde Decks, draw , Deck ideas, Others cool decks, Commander, Zombie Decks, zombie, Good Deck Ideas, Horde magic, Hero's Path, Following, Horde, Cancer, Horde Magic, horde deck ideas, Other ppls decks, Horde, cool, horde, Gimmicks, Good ideas, Awesome Decks, Horde Mode!, deckhorde, Horde Magic, horde mode, decks i want to build , Decks I like, Horde Deck Ideas, FOR THE HOOOOORDE!, Favorites, horde mode, Horde decks, horde-or-similar, Budget Fun Times, Horde, Horde, Horde, horde, Horde Magic, Multiplayer, Co-Op, cool game ideas, Deck Ideas, Interesting Builds, Game Additions, Uncategorized, For reference and ideas, Gamemodes, Horde, Casual, Good, Cool Formats, Zombie Horde, OTHER, Multiplayer, Favorites, Horde-Magic, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. Primer Tokens | IN 1 FOLDER, SCORE: 1 | Contact | This site is unaffiliated. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. by Stefouch, Enchantresses Tuvasa Zombie Horde Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Feeds | Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 13.1K. Then turns alternate like normal. Terms of Use | This is a fun, casual format. Gempalm Polluter: The Horde never cast this creature. Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. Achieved #23 position overall 2 years ago. Pox & Smallpox: The Horde always sacrifices first its weakiest creatures (See rule 5 of the Dead). Any other choices the Horde is forced to make are made at random.) We used an Elf deck, a solider deck (gondor), a knight deck (rohan) and a treefolk deck (ents). Privacy statement | This site is unaffiliated. When this card is Special Summoned: Shuffle all other monsters on the field into the Deck, and if you do, this card's ATK becomes 1000 x the number of face-up Zombie-Type monsters … Your noncreature spells can vary, but should fit into the general theme of Black Zombies. (E.g. More than 150 becomes challenging to shuffle. Horde was made up of Orcs, Goblins, 1 Dragon, Rakdos the Defiler (The balrog), Nekuzar (Saruman). If The Horde would lose life, instead it does nothing. Decrease The Survivors' starting life total. PassTURN 4 discard a bunch of cards and get a bunch of zombies… The 5x Swamp cards depict the Wave cards. This annoying message will go away once you do. Creature tokens created by other permanents are still considered "normal" tokens, they vanish as soon as they go into another zone than the battlefield. Each Survivor chooses a card among those cards revealed this way and put it onto the battlefield under their control. Eventually the deck will run out of cards and you’ll be able to breath sight of relief. Patriarch's Bidding: The Horde always chooses "Zombie". (It is not cast.) This site © 2020, LLC Here are some variations you can try if you are looking for a challenge: For increased game tension and growth, ignore the "reveal until a nontoken is revealed" rule and instead reveal cards in increasing amounts. 2 COMMENTS | Add 20 extra starting life for each missing player. Archenemy* A 2-power creature for 1 mana is perfect for getting aggressive, but the problem with cards like Elite Vanguard is how easily they become blanked and turn to dead draws. In situations like these, there are two options - either reveal the card to your playgroup and cycle it, or decide on a reasonable house rule for that card. Deck & Gameplay [We Back 4 Brains] ThyrixSyx. They can change zone as any other Magic cards. If that spell resolves as The Horde has any cards in its hand, it discards those cards at random. The horde is built using token cards as well as regular Magic cards. (e.g. 3985 VIEWS This site © 2020, LLC Those creature should be though to kill. Never use cards that need a target or a choice for The Horde. Lastly, flavor, flavor, flavor! 1628 VIEWS Price … (Rule simplified.). Cards bounced back to The Horde's hand can't be cast until its next turn. View All Versions Number: SR07-EN033 Rarity: Common Attribute /Card Type: SPELL /Quick-Play Spell Card Description: For the rest of this turn, each time a card(s) is added from the Main Deck or GY to your opponent's hand, except by drawing them, you immediately draw 1 card. Repeat this process for each unveiled Wave cards since the last turn. | IN 10 FOLDERS, SCORE: 2 | Attention! The horde deck has any amount of mana needed, and can always pay additional costs required (such as Sphere of Resistance and Propaganda). Attention! Hide Out of Stock. Navigation. As long as any Field Spell is in play, you can Summon this Deck’s boss monster from your Graveyard during every Standby Phase. EARTH Zombie/Effect Monster A / D: 1500 / 800 Description: Once per turn: You can activate 1 of these effects. (E.g. Metaverse from Structure Deck: Zombie Horde for . (The Horde still follows timing rules and thus cannot bypass Split Second.). Cards like Mind Funeral, All creatures controlled by The Horde have Haste and "This creature attacks each turn ." 1 Features 2 Breakdown 3 Galleries 4 Lists The … Original thread: The team takes the first three turns of the game, then alternates with the horde deck. All spells are cast in order of increasing mana cost for cases with multiple spells of the same type. Play a revealed Reliquary Tower. *Special note: Some cards in MTG will break this game mode fairly easily. Feel free to take a look at my other EDH decks: Copied to clipboard. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. Looking for inspiration? Horde Magic is a variant of Magic in which players play cooperatively against an automated enemy deck. Some other variables you can alter to find your preferred difficulty: reduce the number of turns before the Horde begins attacking, increase the number of cards in the deck per player, or set special limitations such as only being able to cast your commander once. Minimum 100 cards. The Horde has a deck of 100 cards exactly and has no player, it pilots itself automatically. The horde's turn starts by revealing the top card of its library. The deck is … Overview; Hand Draw Simulator; … Phage the Untouchable) and decking. Shuffle the Environment deck and set it aside near the Horde's deck. Since The Horde's deck uses special rules that allow it to run automatically, The Horde should have as few choices to make as possible. Copied to clipboard. Whenever a Wave card is unveiled, The Horde puts the top card of the Environment deck onto the battlefield under its control. Complete Comment Tutorial! Syphon Mind: The Horde cast the drawn cards in drawing order. Hello, and welcome to Zombie Horde Magic! Added Rule Variations for adjustable difficulty! 323 VIEWS Past in Flames: See "Army of the Damned" above. : Tokens put into The Horde's graveyard don't vanish, they stay in that graveyard like other cards. | IN 10 FOLDERS, SCORE: 13 | TappedOut.js Blog Widget. (See rule 8 of the dead for casting order if multiple spells should be cast at the same time.). Cycling problematic cards or house-ruling them is a common fix. Increase the number of cards revealed from the Environment deck by The Horde. The object is to collectively survive and eliminate the opposing Horde deck alongside your allies. The horde is a 100-card deck, taking away a random 25 for each player under four on the team (three players is 75 cards, two players is 50). MTG Salvation . Contact | When I saw it the first time ( the first Horde Magic article) i liked it so much that I wanted a way to play a similar game at Magic Online. Double the damage needed to Spite the Dead and/or Burn the Bodies. There are turns where the horde deck flips over 3 zombie tokens + some other dude in a row, and it gets a little nasty. The original horde concept has players using their own EDH decks, unfortunately this opens up the Horde deck and style of play to several issues. Yes.… This adds to the tension of the Horde's turn, never knowing if you will flip a measly Diregraf Ghoul or a dreaded Plague Wind. This ensures that the deck consistently grows and remains a serious threat no matter what is flipped. Zombie, Jhoira Staxbringer Structure Deck: Zombie Horde builds upon the all-encompassing power of the Zombie World Field Spell to create Duels where Zombies reign supreme! The End of an Era. Tribal TappedOut.js Blog Widget,, Appendix II - Rules for The Horde's Specific Cards, The Siege of the Sliver Hive [Co-op Horde Magic!]. I threw in a single copy of Death Pit Offering in the Horde deck, and the moment the Horde deck "drew" it or an undead warchief, it really put me up against the wall. This fits well with the brainless nature of the depictions of most zombies in pop culture. Players will lose the game at zero life, as normal. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. The Horde's deck contains about 10 Zombie creature cards that are FOIL. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Stefouch EDHs, stuff, Horde, Horde, Neat Stuff, Horde Magic, ~$200 Decks, Horde, Horde, Horde Magic, Formats to try, Primers only, Horde Magic, Game Additions, RPG, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. The Survivors prepare their decks and take mulligans as usual. Play a land. Effects that would trigger from combat damage will not trigger. (Remember, The Horde has no life total. Add more Wave cards into The Horde's deck. : Tokens put into The Horde's graveyard don't vanish, they stay in that graveyard like other cards.) If you find the horde too easy or too hard for your playgroup, feel free to remove / add more powerful cards to the horde as necessary. A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game ("TCG") produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield. All cards milled from The Horde's deck are put into its graveyard in the same order. The Horde wins if The Survivors' group life total is reduced to zero or below. Players achieve victory when the horde deck has no cards remaining in its library, no cards in hand, and no creatures on the battlefield. 13810 VIEWS | IN 1 FOLDER, SCORE: 18 | The Gathering of the Dead ~ Zombie Horde ~ This deck was inspired by the popular format Horde Magic with custom rules. Horde Magic is divided up into two factions: The Horde (a deck that runs automatically). The story needed more than just a villain leading the horde though, it needed heroes to fight her. ... Magic: … This Horde's deck is singleton, but it's just a personal choice. | IN 40 FOLDERS, SCORE: 83 | ), During its First Main phase, The Horde cast all spells in its hand. This is a variant form of magic that is best played with 1-4 people using commander (EDH) decks. Hello, and welcome to Zombie Horde Magic! If there is a choice presented for the horde, such as a player casting Fact or Fiction or controlling a planeswalker that the horde's creatures could attack, the choice is made as randomly as possible. With the arrival of Amonkhet, the Zombies of both blocks have been … Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by controlling 2 or more Zombie-Type monsters, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. (Following the timing rules.) As a Survivor begins their Combat Damage step, for each attacking creature they control, they declare if that creature is going to "Spite the Dead" or "Burn the Bodies". There are many Liliana's within Magic: The Gathering." To review a 100 card decklist for the Zombie Horde, please follow one of these links: Zombie Apocalypse – Zombie Horde Deck for 4 Expert Level EDH Survivors. Avoid cards that counts the number of Zombies, it can be annoying in some situation. You may be asking yourself, "Liliana? Don't hesitate to add multiple copies of cool spells or creatures if you like it. 8330 VIEWS Help | (It can't lose life, it can't pay life.). Home; Decks; Modern; Zombie Horde; Zombie Horde. Have fun with it! Horde Magic is a format sharing similarities with Planechase, Two-Headed Giant, and Archenemy. (Moat, Ensnaring Bridge, and Silent Arbiter-like effects doesn't apply to The Horde. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Again - brainless zombies! Decrease the number of turns The Survivors have to set their defenses. This deck was inspired by the popular format Horde Magic with custom rules. The Horde deck has no life total, so the only way to win is to, uh, not die. Card Rulings vs the Zombie Horde Deck. | IN 1 FOLDER. Horde Magic Whenever a spell or ability a Survivor controls destroys or exiles a FOIL permanent The Horde owns, or whenever lethal damage from a source a Survivor controls causes the destruction of a FOIL creature The Horde owns, The Survivors reveal a number of cards from the top of the Loot deck equal to the number of players. This annoying message will go away once you do! Severed Legion). If a card originating from the Loot deck would leave the battlefield, instead put it aside face-up near that deck. Walking Corpse ), If The Horde would gain life, instead it does nothing. If The Horde would draw the first card during its Draw step, instead it skips that draw and reveals cards from the top of its library until it reveals a nontoken card. TURN 2 play a land and pass. Cancel Unsubscribe. Toxic Nim, Token Skeleton: Because it has infinite mana, The Horde activates Regenerate abilities any time it's necessary. The Horde uses real token cards inside its deck. For the Horde deck, there are a few important factors to consider when choosing your nontoken cards. , etc. The Survivors win if The Horde has no cards in its library, no cards in its hand, and no creatures on the battlefield. Teferi's Moat Like in Two-Headed Giant, The Survivors are a team and all take their turn simultaneously. Browse. • Target 1 of your banished Zombie monsters, place that target on the top of your Deck. Battle the Horde is a Challenge Deck inspired by Horde Magic that was used at the Born of the Gods Game Day. Turn 3 the Horde flips 3 cards, followed on turn 4 by 4 cards, and so on (these numbers can also be altered). The Horde casts that card, then put all tokens revealed this way onto the battlefield. • Banish 2 Zombie monsters from your GY, draw 1 card. If The Horde needs to sacrifice a creature, it chooses it among its weakiest creatures (tokens first, then power, then toughness). The goal is to survive with your friends against an onslaught of rampaging undead. Trading Card Game (TCG). The Horde uses Flashback and Unearth abilities only during its Second Main phase (Postcombat). by Stefouch, Pir & Toothy at the Dice Pool It's also the name of the sixth quest of the Hero's Path.1 The deck features the rampaging Minotaurs of Theros, as foretold in the Theriad. The Horde deck has no life total, so the only way to win is to, uh, not die. To Burn the Bodies, the creature attacks The Horde and replaces damage with exiling that many cards from the top of The Horde's graveyard. Horde Magic. Help | If some portion of the game-play is unfun or not working well within the rules of Horde Magic, it is generally accepted practice to come to a consensus as to what works best for those involved. Each unveiled Wave card increases the number of nontoken cards revealed at the beginning of The Horde's turn (The Unleashing). This is a casual and social format and as such is meant to be fun. (A 5/5 Zombie token is weaker than a 2/2 Zombie Lord.) It is not 100% zombies, it does contain creatures that produce zombies (aka Grave Titan ). Casual Rules Update — The Survivors lose only one third of their life total, not one third for each player. In each pile, shuffle a "Wave" card (depicted by a Swamp card or a Poison counter). Sleeves ... ‹ Structure Deck: Zombie Horde [SR07] Structure Deck: Zombie Horde Singles; Advanced Category Filter. A New and Exciting Beginning . Discord Server | Below is a list of rulings that our Magic EDH Group, MTG League of Casual Play, have … Continue … 4 COMMENTS | That's kind of vague. Modern Zombies +1. The Horde first casts all nontoken creature cards, then all noncreature permanent cards, then all other nonpermanent cards. Moreover, the Environment deck contains about 3 enchantment cards that are also FOIL. Loading... Unsubscribe from ThyrixSyx? *Special Note: TappedOut doesn't allow tokens in the mainboard, so for the purposes of this decklist So, grab some friends, grab your cricket bat and shovel, and let's get smashing some zombies! ), Tokens owned by The Horde and originating from its deck are considered as "cards" for the purpose of this game.

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