Public speaking

I perform public speaking to communicate information and to persuade audiences to take action. I have spoken on topics such as user research, user-centred design, and accessibility, in formats including workshops, showcase presentations, and lightning talks. As much as possible I follow Allison Ravenhall‘s tips on Inclusive design for accessible presentations. Below is a timeline of my public speaking with links to slides and blog posts.

June 23, 2016

Understand what these rooms are, why they work, and how to put one together.

December 14, 2015

Understand what, why, when and how to use user stories, and compete to craft the best one!

In public speaking I sometimes fear:

“That no one learns anything, and the audience is starkly aware of it.”

Hogan, L. (2016). Demystifying Public Speaking.

Do you have fears like those mentioned in Lara Hogan’s excerpt of Demystifying Public Speaking? Leave a comment. What helps turn that fear around?